digital marketing internship delhi by broomberg

Digital Marketing Internship in Delhi by Broomberg

Announcing the 7th Broomberg Digital Marketing Internship in Delhi (Winter 2017-2018)

Digital Marketing Training Sessions + Internship.

Note: The winter 2017-2018 internship is now closed. However, we are always on the lookout for talented folks to do projects with us so you can always send a mail to with a solid SOP on why you are interested in interning with us.  

If you are fascinated with the world of Digital Marketing but don’t know where to start this internship is for you.

You could be a college graduate trying to figure out what to do for a living, someone who has a vague idea about digital and the curiosity and drive to learn more.

You could even be a working professional who is interested in learning how marketing is done in the digital age.

You could be just about anybody.

We are looking for super creative folks with the drive to learn to join our Digital Marketing Internship during December 2017 – January 2018.

Location: South Delhi, Chirag Delhi, near GK2.

interns creating stop motion animation during the digital marketing internship
From left to right. Anushka and Akshita from the summer 2017 batch and Tavishi clicking pictures for stop motion animation to be posted on our social media supervised by Sugandha (extreme right)

Learn while getting paid to do awesome things.

If you get selected we will first take you through 6 well designed modules which will not be read out but taught to you in a class.

We are proud of the fact that we teach the old school way, on a whiteboard, with a marker using real examples and from real data based on our experiences working at Broomberg.

As you begin to gain more confidence and start to understand how marketing works in the digital world you will start creating valuable content in the form of blogs, social media and digital ads.

You will get a chance to think of smashing ideas and immediately put them to the test on our digital assets.

Witness your creations making a difference out there on the internet and get credit for what you do.

Content created by our interns on our blog ranks on page one and frequently features on the coveted position zero in Google organic search results

The ‘We’ that I have been referring to is the Marketing team at Broomberg. My name is Ashutosh Bharadwaj and say hullo to my colleague Sugandha Saigal. We have been working with Broomberg since 2015 and in these years we have done many amazing things with our brand and marketing.

sugandha saigal and ashutosh bharadwaj being fecilitated at SRCC for conducting a 10 day workwhop on digital marketing during december 2016
Sugandha and me being felicitated by Dr Anil Kumar (Course coordinator) for conducting a 10 day digital marketing workshop at the Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi University in December 2016

A lot of credit for where we are goes to the 14 awesome individuals who have interned with us during the past 3 years. These bright folks have lent us their creativity, hard work and resourcefulness by doing great things with content and social media for the Broomberg brand.

More on that later.

4 reasons why this internship can give conventional digital marketing courses a run for their money

Reason 1: No death by PPTs in this course folks!

We don’t show you slides and videos full of digital marketing jargon.

That sucks.

We have had enough of that kind of learning in college and in coaching classes, so we think that it would be unjust of us to subject you guys to it.

Trust me. Sitting in a class where an instructor reads out a thousand PPT slides or watching a video online of some guy reading out those thousand slides is not the way to learn.

Reason 2: We teach the old school way.

We teach using a whiteboard and a marker. And don’t be scared, the atmosphere is informal and even quite fun.

The course is well structured so we expect you to be prepared by reading pre class assignments so that things get interesting. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like. Questions are the best part of a class. It means that the students get it and are just too awesome.

Digression is not just common, it is inevitable. We keep the class groovy by showing you some really cool examples of awesome marketing on the internet.

interns interacting with ashutosh during the 2015 summer batch of the digital marketing internship delhi by broomberg services
From left to right: Navneet, Palomi & Anindita brainstorming the next big thing with me on the extreme right during summer 2015

Reason 3: Because real industry experience can teach you much more than cramming theory and doing exercises.

So you studied digital marketing, created your own site and even made a Facebook page for it. Well done! This is undoubtedly a great start.

But to get to the next level  you need data and real world examples. In this course you do not have to start from scratch. You will have the advantage of working on a top ranking website, get to contribute to our vibrant social media presence and learn at the cutting edge of digital advertising.

This is the kind of internship where you can not just create amazing stuff but also measure results and realize how awesome what you did really is.

We try to give you the bigger picture. We will do our best to show you how all these parts come together for the user and how digital can help you do amazing things.

Reason 4: We keep it real.

We don’t claim that we will make you a digital marketer.

Anyone who that you can become a marketer after attending a course or even an internship is lying and you should’t trust them.

It takes a lot of experience to become a digital marketer. Sugandha and I have been at it for years and are contented to know that we are learning and growing as marketers.

What we do guarantee is that we will give you an overview of how how companies market using digital, both theoretically and practically. What you will learn can help you ace any job interview for a entry level job in digital marketing.

You can’t compare a Digital Marketing Course with this Internship. We are way better! For one you don’t end up spending that 40 to 65K and get paid instead.

From left to right: Vanshika, Twinkle, Me and Sugandha horsing around during a photoshoot for our new website in Feb 2017
From left to right: Vanshika, Twinkle, Me and Sugandha horsing around during a photoshoot for our new website in Feb 2017

Our interns have made a dent in the digital universe.

No kidding. Prepared to be blown away.

‘The Clean Living Blog’, a home improvement, product review and lifestyle guide (what you are reading now) has an average rank of 7.5 (ranks on page one, 2017 data) on Google for highly competitive search queries.

Nearly 80% of the content on our blog has been created by our 14 interns and nearly 30 trainees that were part of a workshop we conducted in 2106 at the Shri Ram College of Commerce.

The organic (through search engines) visits on the blog have grown by 600% in 2016 compared to 2015 when we started. Organic traffic in 2017 has grown 2000% (20 times) as compared to 2015. People in 2017 have spent an average of 4.5 minutes on our blog posts which is awesome taking into consideration the short attention spans people have on the internet.

The Broomberg Blog hall of fame

Presenting proudly some top posts on our blog and how they have managed to beat content by well known names and powerful domains on the internet and helped us generate business.

Cost of painting services by Akshita Sharma (Kamla Lal Nehru College, DU Summer 2017)

Ranks among top 5 search results for valuable queries like ‘cost of painting a house per square foot’ and texture paint price per square foot’ beating top paint brands of India. Generates leads for our home painting services.

Waterproofing Guide by Anushka Shrivastav (Kamla Lal Nehru College, DU Summer 2017)

This blog has an average rank on Google of 6.2 and ranks 1 for short tailed keywords like ‘water seepage’ and ‘wall seepage treatment’ beating well known waterproofing product manufacturers

Floor Polishing & Grinding Cost by Tavishi Gutgutia (NIFT Delhi)

Rank 0 and 1 on Google for valuable keywords like ‘marble polishing price in India’, ‘italian marble polishing cost’ and ‘mosaic polishing cost’. Generates leads for our floor restoration services.

Ways to keep India clean by Ritika Bandale (NIFT, Delhi)

This blog generated a lot of interest in 2017 because of the Swachh Bharat Essay competition organized by HRD ministry based on PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat in July 2017. It ranked 5 on Google and generated 12K visits in just 3 months.

Our interns are working with top digital marketing companies

ritika bandale from NIFT delhi who interned with us and also did her general projectRitika Bandale (Fashion Communications from NIFT Delhi)

Content writer at Puma and presently social media officer at Whats Hot Delhi (Times Internet)

Ritika interned with us in winter 2015 and also pursued her general project from Jan April 2016 (4 month long project for final semester of Fashion Communication course at NIFT Delhi)

Her project titled “Applying principles of communication design to Website User Interface and Digital Advertising to help increase conversions” was based on applying UX principles to conversion rate optimization and using communication theory to help optimize digital ads.

Ritika helped us in optimizing our website and ad content. Her brilliant project also helped her get high grades in her final semester.

anindita biswas pursued our digital marketing internshipAnindita Biswas (MA, English from Banaras Hindu University)

Social media specialist at Blue Ant Digital Intelligence Delhi

Anindita interned with us in summer 2015 and also worked with us part time in 2016. She is one of our best students ever and contributed in a big way to our social media efforts.

Anindita works for a famous digital marketing agency in Delhi in a management role and is doing pretty well. Here you can see her brainstorming at work supervised by Puppy Singh the ceremonial CEO of the company.

Awesome! So how do I apply?

Send your resume and a cover letter on ‘Why I want to learn Digital marketing’ to Sugandha’s E-mail address

The E-mail subject should say “Applying for digital marketing internship winter 2017 – 2018 through blog”

The winter 2017- 2018 session should begin on the 20th of December so please apply before the 15th December.

Seats are limited and also we’d rather not have an internship than hire someone who we think does not deserve it.

TL;DR: Course structure and FAQs

I hope you have already applied. If not may be you want to know more about the digital marketing training course plan and read some FAQs. If not, stop reading and apply already!

Hurry! Last date to apply for winter 2017 2018 batch is December 15th 2017

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Digital marketing training course overview

Module 1: Introduction to wonderful world of marketing on the internet & how search engines work

  • How marketing is done in the digital age
  • Getting found on the internet
  • The search engine result page and how to feature on it
  • Basics of search engine optimization

Module 2: Content marketing basics + keyword research

  • It is lonely on the internet – How to get traffic to your web assets
  • Your place on the internet – Websites and web application basics
  • What is content marketing – Case studies
  • From queries to keywords – Basics of keyword research

Module 3: Advance keyword research & introduction to the content management system   

  • Hands on session – How to do keyword research like a pro
  • Anyone can publish online – The magic of WordPress CMS
  • That’s the way (Aha Aha) Google likes it – On page SEO basics

Module 4: The CTRs and CPCs of digital + Web analytics basics

  • How to measure digital – From impressions to conversion and everything in between
  • From what to why – Web analytics basics

Module 5: Online advertising

  • Facebook ad basics + Google Adwords basics
  • Facebook ads hands on training – Create, run and measure success

Module 6: Landing pages and how to convert

  • How to optimize digital ROI
  • Conversion rate optimization basics


Is this a work at home digital marketing internship?

NO! This is not that kind of an internship where you stay at home, post stuff on Facebook and write some blogs off the internet. We don’t think that this is of any use to anyone. This is a part time internship where you have to show up at our office at least four days a week to attend classroom sessions and work with our team to learn marketing first hand.

Who is eligible?

Almost anyone! You can be a student of any stream any college, it does not matter to us. You could even be a working professional who wants to start a career in Marketing and has no clue where to begin.

 Do I need to be experienced?

Not really. This is an internship, remember. The two things that we are looking in a candidate are excellent communication skills and the will to learn.

Will I learn to SEO?

Err… SEO is just one of the topics that we will cover. We will try to introduce you to all aspects of digital including content marketing, SEO, ads, social media, web analytics, conversion optimization etc.

Will I get a certificate?

Ummm… yes, you will get a certificate, but, we prefer people who want to do this to learn Digital Marketing and not because their friends are doing internships and so they also need to.

Last updated – 27th November 2017

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