Car Cleaning Tools – Must haves

Best Car Cleaning Tools: Your Must-Have List

Some of us don’t keep anything in their car trunks, while others have enough packed to live in their cars for weeks. Irrespective of the usage, keeping your car clean inside-out is essential.

Car Care entails basic cleaning. The devout practitioner commits to finding just the right chemical compounds for the job, not to mention the softest sponges, polishing pads and drying towels.

Learn about Best Car Cleaning tools that you can use for your Car Cleaning.

Your Guide to Best Car Cleaning Tools

It’s not always easy to visit a service station for Car Cleaning. Check out these car wash tools – handy car-detailing products which will make your car look good and smell good as new in no time!

1. Dust Cleaner


Feather Duster
Feather Duster: Buy on Amazon

Before applying water one must clean the dust from the car body to get more effective or rather we should say more shiny results, after all it’s the shine on car that matters.

2. Sponge

Sponge : Buy On Amazon

Just like our inner self, cars also have a soft inner surface t be handled with care. Instead of using harsh clothes and accessories one must use such sponges to run polish on dashboard and inner roof of the car.


3. Polishing Pads

polishing pad
Polishing Pad: Buy on Amazon

Like tea needs sugar for better taste, polish needs pads for better results. These pads are used to apply and rub polish on car’s surface to have a shiny effect. The material they are made of is appropriate for paints used on cars. Using a normal pad may result in some scratches, may reduce the shine of paint, and sometimes may also peel off the paint.

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4. Dashboard Polish

dashboard cleaner
Dashboard Cleaner :Buy on Amazon

Outer appearance attracts you, your attentions, it’s all about the first impression. Get that attracting look on your car by car body polish. Get shiny and good fragrance inner surface and dashboard.

5. Glass Cleaner

Prevents stains and scratches and gives you a clean, spotless glass for better and clear vision. Using a quality product is must for glass.

Glass Cleaner : Buy on Amazon


6. Cloth

Using rough clothes and paper often leave stains and car, thus using proper cotton and smooth clothes are a must for regular dusting the car’s surface. It maintains the shine and your love for your car. Microfibre cloth is truly a bliss!

Cloth for car : Buy on Amazon

Make your car look shiny and new with these amazing detailing products!

7. Vacuum Cleaner

Pet hair, human hair, skin flakes, debris and crumbs build up on the seats and in floors of your car. We’ve listed out some of the best vacuum cleaner for car. Compare and buy the one which is most suitable to you.

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