Clothes & Accessories Cleaning

We all love to buy clothes & accessories. But ever wondered how to clean them? Obviously we clean our clothes regularly with the help of a washing machine. But what happens when you spill something on them? We all face difficulty in cleaning those rough haldi stains, wine stains and especially blood stains. These stains hold the power to destroy our favourite clothes. Similarly, while cleaning our cute earrings and necklaces, we face a lot of dilemmas. Cleaning accessories is also not an easy task. But it is quite important to clean our clothes and accessories for hygiene as these are in a direct contact with our skin. Dirty clothes & accessories mean a Dirty You.

So how to clean them? Our experts have answered all questions related to clothes & accessories cleaning. Below you will find these answers in our various articles on Getting Rid of Stains from Clothes & How to Properly Clean Accessories.

Everything you Need to Know about Silver Jewellery

Let’s admit it women- We LOVE collecting silver jewellery. All those little trinkets, delicate anklets, sleek bangles are our prized possessions. But as we know, the biggest issue with it is its maintenance and preservation. Silver has the tendency to get TARNISHED very easily and so it is very important …

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