Demystifying Cleaning Services

Is cleaning the house on your own and hiring a professional cleaning services company is the same thing? Certainly not!

Cleaning your home involves you instructing your untrained maid constantly, to clean the different parts of the house, with basic tools. Hiring a Professional Cleaning Services Company, on the other hand, is like a detox treatment for your home that rejuvenates your house and makes it healthy from the inside. A Professional Cleaning Services Company, like Broomberg, cleans your house in a scientific way and with proper equipment so as to make sure it not only looks clean but is clean inside out.

For your convenience, we have compiled articles on how different cleaning services work. Here you’ll find everything from what all is included in each such cleaning service, the cost involved and how each of them works.

ब्रूमबर्ग बाथरूम क्लीनिंग सर्विस की झलक

बाथरूम क्लीनिंग सर्विस

ब्रूमबर्ग बाथरूम क्लीनिंग सर्विस – एक समीक्षा  गंदा बाथरूम कोई नहीं पसंद करता है| ऐसे में ब्रूमबर्ग द्वारा बाथरूम क्लीनिंग सर्विस उपयुक्त है|  कई लोगों का बाथरूम ही उनका स्टूडियो होता है जहाँ वो गाना या बजाना पसंद करते हैं । इन कुछ लोगों की तरह मैं भी एक बाथरूम …

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ब्रूमबर्ग द्वारा किचन क्लीनिंग सर्विस- ४ घंटों में चमक पाएं

किचन क्लीनिंग सर्विस

हमारा अनुभव: ब्रूमबर्ग किचन क्लीनिंग किचन क्लीनिंग सर्विस की कराई बुकिंग मेरी मम्मी एक गृहणी हैं और उनके दिन का आधा समय किचन में ही गुज़रता है| जब उन्होंने मुझे महीनो की जमी हुई चिकनाई साफ़ करने के लिए बोला तो मुझे ब्रूमबर्ग किचन क्लीनिंग सर्विस का ख्याल आया, जिसके बारे में मेने इंटरनेट …

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ब्रूमबर्ग सोफ़ा की सफाई सर्विस रिव्यु

सोफा क्लीनिंग सर्विस

ब्रूमबर्ग द्वारा घर बैठे सोफ़ा की सफाई नमस्कार! सबसे  पहले  तो  मैं  ब्रूमबर्ग  क्लीनिंग  सर्विसेज  का बहुत  धन्यवाद  करना  चाहता  हूँ  जिन्होने  मुझे  सोफ़ा सफाई  सेवा दी | ब्रूमबर्ग  क्लीनिंग  सर्विसेज  ने  लोगों  का  जीवन  आसान  बना  दिया  है | ब्रूमबर्ग  क्लीनिंग  सर्विसेज  साफ़  सफाई  के  लिए  एक  उत्तम  विकल्प  …

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Housekeeping Service Prices in Delhi NCR

housekeeping service prices

To demystify housekeeping service prices, we researched rates of housekeeping services in Delhi/NCR. This research gave us an insight on both housekeeping cost and how the cost is calculated. Housekeeping service prices based on man hours A common method of calculating the price of housekeeping services is on the basis …

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All you need to know about Floor Grinding and Polishing

floor grinding all you need to know

Floor Grinding and Polishing Guide Do you miss that newly set, glossy and stain-free floor of your house? Are you embarrassed by the hard stains due to chemicals, roughness and dullness of your stones? Don’t worry! These problems can be easily fixed by Floor Grinding Services. We asked our Operations Head, Mr. Bharat, …

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Deep Cleaning Services vs Housekeeping Services

housekeeping service prices and why deep cleaning of offices makes sense

Ever wondered why professional cleaning services are recommended for your office even though there are daily housekeeping services to keep it clean? There are several reasons why one time deep cleaning of offices makes sense, two reasons in particular: One time deep cleaning is thorough: While housekeeping is only concerned …

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