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Kota Stone Flooring Installation & Price (India)

Kota Stone Flooring Installation Guide What is Kota Stone? It is a fine-grained variety of Limestone mainly used for exteriors, corridors, pathways, driveways, balconies, commercial buildings etc.  Colors available – greenish blue, brown, black, pink, grey, beige. Kota Stone Flooring Installation Process Step 1 – Prepping the Surface In a new construction, the …

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Best Ways To Get Rid of Mold

With the non-stop rains this season, keeping your home dry and mold-free becomes really important. Mold-Removal is needed to avoid mold-related health problems- the most common are allergic responses from mold spore inhalation. These reactions may include hay fever, asthma and irritation of the eyes, throat or lungs. By following …

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