House Cleaning Prices – Cost of Deep Cleaning Services

This blog is about house cleaning prices. In case you are looking for prices of commercial housekeeping services please click here

Undoubtedly, the best way to get your home deep cleaned is to hire Professional home cleaning services. For a reasonable cost, every nook and corner of your house is exterminated from dust, grime and germs. In this blog, we will tell you about House Cleaning Prices in Delhi NCR and also talk briefly about what is included.

House Deep Cleaning Prices – Explained

Apartment Size Rate
1 BHK Deep Cleaning ₹ 5499
2 BHK Deep Cleaning ₹ 6499
3 BHK Deep Cleaning ₹ 7499
4 BHK Deep Cleaning ₹ 8499
15%  Service Tax Charged Extra.

What is included in Full Home Cleaning?

1.Dusting & Detailing

Every nook & corner of the house is thoroughly dusted & wiped. It includes Walls, Fans, Lights, Door, Switchboards, Shelves, Ac & Daily Appliances (Exterior)Dusting & Detailing

2.Bathroom Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning involves removal of hard-water stains, through cleaning of the WC, cleaning of inaccessible areas like the top of the geyser, cleaning of doors, windows, mirrors, faucets, and fittings.Tile Cleaning

3.Kitchen Cleaning
Kitchen cleaning covers everything, from de-greasing the Chimney, Stove and Exhaust fan to cleaning of Gas Stove, Tiles, Cabinets, Sink, Countertop & Appliances (Exterior)
Gas Stove Cleaning

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House Cleaning

4.Glass Cleaning
All kinds of glass in the house is cleaned using industrial glass cleaner with a micro-fibre cloth to make it completely spotless.

5.Power Vacuuming
All Upholstery, Cushions, Carpets, Mats, Chairs & Blinds are cleaned using industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners.
Sofa Vacuuming

6.Floor & Balconies
Complete mopping & disinfection of the floor and its inaccessible corners

Floor Cleaning
Add on Services Prices

Sofa Cleaning Cost

Price: ₹300/seat (inclusive of taxes)
Process- Dry vacuuming to remove dust from every corner, followed by injection of special cleaning agents to dissolve the trapped dirt, ending with all the foam, froth and dirt being extracted using a wet vacuum cleaner. Find out more on our blog Sofa Cleaning Cost.

Carpet Cleaning Cost

Price: ₹500* (up to 25 sq.ft.)
Process: As with the sofa, the carpet is first vacuumed, then scrubbed with cleaning agents and finally all residue is extracted. Check out our blog Carpet Cleaning Services to know more.

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitation Cost

Price: ₹250* for a single mattress.
Process: The mattress is first vacuumed to extract dust, dirt and dust mites. It is then cleaned with high pressure steam at 135°C to destroy 99.9% germs. Check out our blog Mattress Cleaning Service to know more.

*Service Tax Extra

If you have any queries regarding the house cleaning prices, feel free to contact us on 8010104040 or visit the home cleaning service on our website. You can also post your question in the comments section below. Happy Cleaning!

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