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Housekeeping Service Prices in Delhi NCR

To demystify housekeeping service prices, we researched rates of housekeeping services in Delhi/NCR. This research gave us an insight on both housekeeping cost and how the cost is calculated.

Housekeeping service prices based on man hours

A common method of calculating the price of housekeeping services is on the basis of ‘quality & number of man-hours’ though many factors come into play while determining the cost of Housekeeping service, such as.

  • The Skill-Set of Housekeeping Staff

    The Housekeeping staff is categorized into Skilled, Semi-skilled or Unskilled according to their expertise and the service price depends on this. For example, a supervisor is considered as skilled (most costly), a pantry boy, semi-skilled and house-keeping boy is considered unskilled staff(least costly).

  • The Number of Man-Hours

    The number of working hours of each staff per day and hence per month also affects the cost of housekeeping service.

  • The Total Area of the office/home

    The sq.ft area of an office/home helps in determining the number & type of staff required to maintain the place and therefore the price of housekeeping service.

  • Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment

    The chemicals & equipment required for cleaning and maintenance are either provided by the housekeeping company or by the customer.

House Keeping Service

Housekeeping Cost Estimate (For 3000 sq. ft office)

To understand housekeeping service prices and how they are calculated we take an example of a 3000 sq.ft. office with these requirements.

Houseboy – 5
Pantry Boy – 1
Supervisor  – 1

9.00 AM – 6.00 PM (9 hours)
6 days/week

Chemical/Equipment Cost
Not Included

Costing Sheet (Per month)

Sr. No Description Skill- Set Rate Numbers Amount (in Rs.)
1 House Boy Unskilled 14,500 5 72,500
2 Pantry Boy Semi-skilled 16,000 1 16,000
3 Supervisor Skilled 18,000 1 18,000
Total (Taxes Extra) 1,06,500

Please note that these rates of housekeeping services are an average of the rates of various housekeeping service providers in Delhi/NCR covered in our research, therefore, the actual rates could vary by around 5%.

We at Broomberg also provide Housekeeping Service in Delhi/NCR. To find out more about our prices and services, visit our page Housekeeping Services Page or call us on 8010104040.

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  1. i want to know the rate for housekeeping as per square feet and how much square feet could be cleaned in 8 Hrs?

  2. Sir, what would be cost for below
    Cleaning of commercial building passages, atrium area (18000 sqft ).
    Open space having non slippery tile area 12000 sqft
    Please send me cost per sqft including equipment labour chemicals supervisor. Work is for 1 year.

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