All you need to know about kitchen cleaning services

All You Need To Know About Kitchen Cleaning Services

Tired of being judged because of your dirty kitchen all the time? Worry not, because it’s easy to get your Kitchen professionally cleaned and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. The kitchen is the hearth of domestic life and the keeper of your family’s good health. Your family bonds over shared food and so, it is of utmost importance that the kitchen stays germ and grime free at any given point of time. And this is where professional kitchen cleaning steps in. We at BROOMBERG do not claim to replace daily cleaning. We just take it to the next level using advanced cleaning agents and scientific methods. ur 60+ chemicals and trained staff.

Do you need Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services?

Can you clean the stove top and make it look brand new like this?

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Can you remove oil splatters and grime from your tiles?

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No ?

Then you need to avail our Kitchen Cleaning Services. We not only remove grime and grease from your chimney and exhaust to make it look like new, we do areas like the top of cabinets and below the sink which are otherwise inaccessible and difficult to reach.


Can my kitchen become completely grime free?

Yes absolutely. We have removed the stickiest of grease using our organic cleaning agents and innovative techniques. However, a kitchen needs to be cleaned periodically if you want to keep it looking good.

How often should I get my kitchen cleaned professionally?

Since kitchen and bathroom are the two areas in your house that are used constantly, they naturally become the areas that need the most attention. It is advisable that you get your kitchen cleaned every two months so that the grime and grease do not settle and becomes difficult to remove. Also, letting grease accumulate is a safety hazard as it can lead to a fire and fire spreads fast in the presence of grease.

Kitchen cleaning services

Are the Chemicals used by you safe?

Critical areas of the kitchen are cleaned using a safe organic cleaning agent which is so harmless that one can drink it. None of the cleaning agents that we use to give out toxic fumes; all are non-hazardous. They will in no way affect the health of the members of the house as well as pets.

Do you clean kitchen appliances?

Yes, we do clean kitchen appliances like the fridge and the microwave oven. In our regular package we clean them externally, but if you want, we have the expertise to clean them from the insides also for a few extra rupees.

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Do you make the place germ free?

Yes, we do. The cleaning agents are good disinfectants. We also disinfect your kitchen by using the steam-cleaning technique to make it germ-free.

How much does it cost?

We charge Rs 1800 per kitchen all inclusive irrespective of the size of the kitchen.

What is included


We clean these grease prone areas using a 3-step process. We first remove the filters in a chimney and treat them with our special grease removing chemicals and let them breathe. Then we scrub them using scrubbers and scrappers. Finally, they are washed, dried and restored back to their original position.


We do basic scrubbing of the cabinet. But what is special is the fact that we clean the top of cabinets which remains dirty because it is inaccessible, and the bottom, which is close to the gas oven mostly and hence gathers grease.


We mop the floor after the entire cleaning process is over using a completely safe organic chemical.


Tiles are another grease and stain zone. They need regular treatment if you want to prolong their life. We use our grease remover and then scrub it. We also remove food stains from tiles.


Tried removing the white stain patches on your taps and failed? We are equipped to remove hard water stains and leave them spotless. Also, we clean the area below the sink which gathers a lot of dirt.

Hopefully, we have cleared all your doubts regarding Kitchen Cleaning Services. You can call 8010104040 or go to our website to book a service. In case you have a question let us know by commenting and we will he happy to answer.

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