housekeeping service prices and why deep cleaning of offices makes sense

Deep Cleaning Services vs Housekeeping Services

Ever wondered why professional cleaning services are recommended for your office even though there are daily housekeeping services to keep it clean? There are several reasons why one time deep cleaning of offices makes sense, two reasons in particular:

  1. One time deep cleaning is thorough: While housekeeping is only concerned with keeping the surface spic and span, professional cleaning services go deeper and treat the issue of dirt from its very roots.
  2. It makes economic sense: We did a survey of housekeeping service prices and found out that it economical to go for deep cleaning of your office once in a while along with regular housekeeping.
Housekeeping services vs deep cleaning for offices
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Housekeeping Services Prices vs Deep Cleaning

We conducted a survey and compiled a price list for housekeeping services. Here is what we found:

An office with an approximate area of 2000 square feet requires at least 4 housekeepers to carry out regular dusting, mopping, vacuuming and tidying.

For each housekeeper, a verified agency charges around ₹9,500 per month. That makes it an expense of about ₹38,000 per month.

This expense is excluding costs of cleaning agents and additional taxes which when included, increases the monthly cost of housekeeping services to ₹50,000, which is around 6 lakhs per annum.

Now, if you take deep cleaning services every two months it’ll cost you ₹16,000 each time. That amounts to around 1 lakh annually for 6 services. This will be an additional cost, no doubt, but if you go for deep cleaning services every two months, you can actually cut down the number of housekeepers required by half.

So instead of ₹38,000 per month on housekeeping services, you’ll end us spending half, i.e ₹19,000 per month. So annually you spend 3 lakhs on housekeeping and an additional 1 lakh on deep cleaning which is 4 lakhs so you end up saving 2 lakhs per year! Surprised? Call us on our number 8010104040 (Delhi/NCR only) to find out more. You can also visit our website to know what is included in office deep cleaning services.

House Keeping Service

Deep Cleaning Complements Housekeeping Services

General Deep Cleaning

Housekeeping services are restricted to dusting, mopping and organization. They will just run a mop on the floors regularly and are not equipped to thoroughly scrub the floors and remove stains and grime. Professional cleaners on the other hand have the necessary equipment and tools to clean the floors so that they look new.

Hard to Reach Places

Regular housekeeping services are not concerned with the hidden or difficult areas of a room. They will clean the surface but the corners where dirt has accumulated overtime will not be touched by them. For such areas you need professional help.


Housekeeping services do not remove grease from critical places. Grease in office kitchens or on tables which are used by a large number of people on a regular basis. Grease on knobs can help in spreading fire, it is necessary that the kitchen is cleaned thoroughly from time to time. Also, cleaning the chimney and exhaust fans is a tough job which your housekeeping service will never do for you.


Housekeeping services use common cleaning agents available in the market to clean bathroom surfaces. They usually don’t have the expertise to clean the tiles thoroughly to make them shine or remove hard water stains that accumulate on taps and fittings over a period of time. For these services you need help from professional cleaners who do descaling and scrubbing.

Carpets and Sofas

Housekeeping services will only vacuum your carpets while a team of professional cleaners use injection extraction technique to extract dust and residue that has settled deep in your carpets. Same goes for sofas. Regular housekeeping staff do not have the expertise to inject your sofa with cleaning agents and then extract all the dirt that has accumulated inside it.


Housekeeping services regularly sanitize the area using common disinfectants but they do not do an intensive job. Professional cleaners, on the other hand carry out high temperature and pressure steam sanitization of the office for a thorough disinfection.

To find out more about what is included in Office Deep Cleaning you can visit our site. We would be happy to talk to you and explain what is included.

To conclude, professional office deep cleaning services are not a replacement for regular housekeeping services but they complement them. They fill up for the gaps left by housekeeping services. Also the difference made by a team of professional cleaners is more palpable and has a more lasting appeal than the regular cleaning done by a housekeeping team.

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