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Sofa Cleaning Cost in Delhi NCR & How Sofa Cleaning Services Work [Video]

How does it feel when guests come over and stare at your dirty sofa for several seconds? Want to get your sofa professionally cleaned but wondering about sofa cleaning cost?

Did you know that professional sofa cleaning services are available at your doorstep? Price of sofa dry cleaning is ₹300 per seat (inclusive of taxes) so sofa cleaning cost for a five seat sofa would be ₹ 1500. Professional Sofa Cleaning Services by Broomberg are available in Delhi and NCR area including Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Indirapuram.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions on how Sofa Dry Cleaning works, so first let us find out how sofa is cleaned

How is Sofa Dry Cleaned?

Sofa Cleaning Process (Fabric)

We at Broomberg use a 3 step scientific sofa cleaning process

  1. Vacuuming – All the surface dust is removed from your sofa or couch using a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  2. Injection – Next, we inject our special sofa cleaning agents into your sofa and continue rubbing it deeper using soft brushes.
  3. Extraction – Lastly, we extract the cleaning agents along with all the dirt using a wet vacuum cleaner.

Watch this video to see our Sofa Cleaning Process:

Frequently asked questions on how Sofa Cleaning Services Work

Q: Isn’t it good enough to just wash the sofa covers?

Well, no. People who sit on the sofa sweat and this seeps into not just the cover but also the foam so just getting the cover cleaned would be equivalent to not taking a bath but just changing your clothes.

Q: What about the wooden parts of the sofa?

Along with dry cleaning of the seats, we also clean the wooden structure, make it shine and treat it with an agent chemical that makes sure that wood doesn’t react with the slightly wet seats.

Q: How much does sofa cleaning cost in Delhi and NCR?

Professional sofa cleaning charges are just ₹ 300 per seat (inclusive of taxes). So sofa cleaning cost for a 5 seat sofa would be ₹1500. Pretty economical rate if you ask me.

Q: What about non fabric sofas?

Leather Sofa Cleaning by Professionals

Yes, you can get your leather sofa deep cleaned. This is how Broomberg does it:

  1. Vacuum – Surface dust is vacuumed by using a power vacuum cleaner.
  2. Rubbing – Light scrubbing of the sofa using advanced cleaning agents specially developed for leather upholstery. Lastly, the agent along with dirt is completely wiped off leaving behind a glowing Sofa.

Add on Service – We have an additional leather upholstery service as well which involves application of leather conditioner to maintain it’s shine and beauty.


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Has your Sofa become dull and lifeless? Need help with Stain Removal?

Sofa cleaning service

Suede Sofa Cleaning

Suede is a fabric that denotes class and style but SADLY a dirty suede sofa can NEVER get back to its original look and shape. We do try our best, but that’s the unfortunate truth.

Jute Sofa Cleaning

Jute is a delicate fabric and therefore we make sure that we take extra care and scrub it very lightly. A big problem is that jute has an affinity for water and moisture so we also take extra care to vacuum it thoroughly so that most of the water is sucked out.

Q: Are there chances of your sofa getting torn? Would the colors fade?

Not at all! We don’t use machines (one cannot control the speed and movement of the machine) or hard brushes to scrub your SOFA- all we use are our hands and soft brushes so there is ABSOLUTELY no chance of your SOFA getting torn. As far as colors are concerned- they would not fade NO MATTER WHAT because we use non-acid based shampoos throughout the entire 3 step sofa cleaning process.

Q: Is it possible to remove all kinds of stains from the sofa?

To be brutally HONEST, not all stains can be removed completely. Here’s a list-

1. Ink Stains
2. Oil Stains (If they’ve been sitting on the fabric for more than three days)
3. Tea Stains
4. Old food stains

Q: Why can’t these stains be removed?

Ink and Tea contain color that SWIFTLY gets into the threads of the fabric and therefore can’t be removed. The ONLY way to remove ink stains is to use white petrol which we CERTAINLY don’t use as it is toxic.

Q: Is there a chance that the sofa foam will sink?

The ONLY reason why the foam of your sofa might sink in a bit is because it wasn’t dried properly and has some water in it. We use vacuum cleaners to extract most of the water, thereby ensuring that the seats remain FLUFFY and comfortable.

Q: Is it OK to get your sofa cleaned during rainy season?

Hey, it’s PERFECTLY alright. We are aware of the myth that getting a sofa dry cleaned during rainy season makes no sense as the weather is humid and it might not dry up quickly but the fact is that leaving it under the fan after cleaning for 4-5 hours is just enough. Please note – JUST the fan, no AC.

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