all you need to know about bathroom cleaning services

All You Need To Know About Washroom Cleaning Services

A washroom is more than just a place to freshen up. It’s an escape from the all the chaos outside, from reality. Its’s that place where you take the big decisions in your life. And because you don’t want  your memories to be tainted with dirt and bad stench, it’s of paramount importance that you look after your bathroom and keep it clean.

Professional Washroom Cleaning is a deep cleaning service which should be availed in every 6 months to make sure that your bathroom is spic & span always. In this service, different components of the bathroom is cleaned intensively to make it as good as new.

Components that are cleaned in Washroom Deep Cleaning Service

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Broomberg Bathroom Deep Cleaning
Bathroom Deep Cleaning- All you need to know!
Broomberg Bathroom Deep Cleaning
Walls, Switchboards, Lights, Fans are thoroughly cleaned
Broomberg Bathroom Cleaning Service
If possible, the exhaust fan is removed and cleaned
Broomberg Bathroom Cleaning Service
Hard water stains removed from Bathroom Fitting
Broomberg Bathroom Deep Cleaning
Dust & Grime removed from even inaccessible areas
Broomberg Bathroom Deep Cleaning
Scrubbed thoroughly both on the inside and outside
Broomberg Bathroom Deep Cleaning
Stains removed from Mirrors, Tubs and Cabinets
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Bathroom Deep Cleaning FAQS

There must be a thousand questions running through your mind before you book a professional washroom cleaning service. And they all are valid queries. Let us try to solve a few of those for you:

1) How frequently should I get my bathroom cleaned professionally?

Every two months. Yes, your bathroom sees maximum waste generation in your house so it’s necessary to clean and disinfect it often. Also if you keep delaying it chances are the stains will become very tough and hard to remove and eventually you’ll spoil your fittings and bathroom accessories.

2) How is Broomberg’s service different from daily cleaning ?

To begin with, we use 6 different cleaning agents most of which are not available locally so they cannot be used in daily cleaning. Secondly, you do not possess the skill or the required expertise to treat hard water stains. Thirdly, one doesn’t have the time to clean tiles regularly. Lastly, we use a shiner to make your bathroom shine as if its brand new.

3) My house has been locked for a very long time. Would I need professional cleaning ?

YES! Absolutely.  In fact you need it more than anybody else. If your bathroom has not been used for a long time chances are there are stains in your western style commode that cannot be cleaned by brushing using a generic toilet cleaner. Only our exclusive, strong cleaning agents can do it. Also stagnant water is the breeding ground for germs. So get your washroom disinfected before you start using it again.

5) Can Hard Water Stains be removed ?

Hard water stains are considered among the toughest stains to remove. But don’t worry we can remove them for you provided you don’t come to us too late. And don’t try scrubbing. Chances are you’ll only remove the chrome from the surface and reduce its shine further.

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 Need More Convincing?

Here is a list of germs that can be found in your bathroom :

  • Stomach bugs like Escherichia coli the ones causing E.coli.
  • Skin Pathogens like the ones causing Eczema.
  • Respiratory viruses causing  Common cold and flu

To find our more about washroom cleaning, follow this link Broomberg Bathroom Cleaning, or call us at 8010104040. In case of further queries, ask us in the comments section below.

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