Annoying things Maids Do
7 Annoying things Maids Do

7 Annoying Things All Maids Do

Like it or not, there is no denying that maids are an integral part of our lives. You can deal with your bae canceling on you at the last minute but a no-show from your maid makes leaves you completely shattered. Maids, you can’t live with them and cannot live without them. Dare criticizing their work and BOOM! There goes your peace of mind!

Here is a list 0f the 7 most annoying things that maids do:

1. The Fan Conundrum

Tucked in bed, all cozy-ed up,
there comes the maid, switches the fan off.
you crib; you sulk, you too lazy to get up!

Every-Single-Morning -.-

7 Annoying Things Maids Do


2. The Real ‘Gossip Gals’

All you wanted was some quiet time while having your morning coffee. Is it too much to ask? Well, It is! Especially because your maid’s nephew just eloped with the local teacher’s daughter, and how can that be not important.

3. ‘Excuse Me’ NOT!

From their bahu (daughter-in-law) being in labour to the never ending land dispute in their village, you have heard it all. And although you do hate them for it, a teeny tiny part of you can’t help but appreciate the convincing excuses they come up with.
7 Annoying Things Maids Do

4. No Late Day = Sunday

Just when you thought about sleeping in the whole day. *Door bell rings*
7 Annoying T things Maids Do

5. Eves-Dropping

They might be deaf to all the instructions you give them, but a chat you are having with your friend, well, who wants to miss that!

7 Annoying Things Maids Do

6. Encroaching your TV Time

However nice a person you may be at heart, but you don’t want an extra pair of eyes hovering over your TV because, hey, it’s your sacred time. Even if all you are doing is shuffling channels.

7 Annoying Things Maids Do!

7. In their own Zone!

Give them advice, order them or even yell at them. They will do what they want, however they want and whenever they want. Because bitch, they know you ain’t nothing without them.

Accept it, they really do hold the reins in this relationship!

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