what to avoid during the monsoon

7 Things to Avoid this Monsoon

There is nothing romantic about the rains“, said no poet ever. But ask a daily commuter and he’ll tell you things about monsoon that are far from romance. To begin with there are wet clothes and muddy feet, your favourite spots around the city covered in puddles, the stifling humidity, water borne diseases and snaking traffic.

Yes, you read that right. All these are just initial issues. So before Monsoon becomes a giant pigeon crapping on your heart let us give you a list of things to AVOID this monsoon before they suck the romance out of monsoons.


As sugar is to a diabetic, are potholes to your car. They kill you before you know it. If there is one word that goes with potholes it’s-AVOID. Monsoon’s bring to life millions of potholes every year which create(or pro-create, if you say so) long traffic jams, which not only drain your physical strength by restricting you behind the wheel for hours but is also a litmus test for your patience.

Things to avoid this monsoon- potholes

WARNING: While waiting for the traffic to start rolling you might have a feeling that all the HR managers in the world have joined hands to test your mental strength.

A Runny Nose

Make sure, all the sorrows of your life don’t run via your nose. Monsoon’s are a tough time but teach your nose not to cry. Common cold is indeed very common in the monsoon and while there is no sure shot medication to cure it, few things do help.

Things to avoid this monsoon- Runny nose

TRY THESE: Steaming cups of tea/coffee, hot bowls of soup, warm blankets, soothing balms etc.

Muddy Feet

During monsoons your feet can rival a scarecrows in ugliness quotient and chances are you’ll win. With all the dirt that your feet pick up while walking about in the rains it is difficult to maintain their beauty. Avoid muddy feet not only because they look bad but because they contain germs that can make you sick. Also avoid walking around carpeted floors with muddy feet as you might pass on germs to others.

Things to avoid this monsoon- muddy feet

TIP: Try wearing covered shoes as much as possible. Also wash your feet if they come into contact with dirt. Use a foot scrub regularly.

Street Food

Yeah, yeah we know you have grown up on a staple diet of Bollywood heroes and heroines romancing over chaat and bhutta in the rains but trust me you haven’t seen the whole picture. Chances are you’ll end up with one of the deadly water borne diseases. As lip smacking as street food tastes it is advisable that you avoid them in the rains as rain water may contaminate the food that you’ll eventually consume.

Things to avoid this monsoon-Street Food

INSTEAD: Next time, you’re forced to remain indoors because of rains explore your cooking skills. Roast corn cobs on the gas oven, look up recipes of several kinds of chaats  and give them a shot.

Heavy Make-Up

Trust us, you don’t want to look like Johnny Depp’s Tonto with mascara all over your face. Even the best of cosmetics cannot withstand a heavy downpour despite all the water proof claims. Chances are your make-up skills will only be visible in botched up patches on your face. Try to go as light on the make-up as possible if you cannot avoid it altogether. Instead, give your skin a chance to breathe.

Things to avoid this monsoon-Heavy make up
Image Credits-via youtube.com

CHALLENGE: Go make-up free and prove it to everyone that the face on Facebook profile picture, your driving licence, your voter id belong to the same person.

Clothes Scare

You put clothes out to dry and before you know it they are wet again. Make a mental list of the order in which you shall wash your clothes and dry them lest you are left with none before that crucial meeting. Also walking around in wet clothes is not a good option for your body’s immunity. If needed fight with your neighbour and secure that dry spot for yourself. Better still, try to win them over with goodies. It’ll all work in your favour eventually.

Things to Avoid this Monsoon- Wet Clothes
Image Credits-via wikipedia.org

WORDS OF WISDOM: Lack of proper clothes can also be a good reason to skip work. Nobody would want an assembled clown in the office even if they are ready to make up for it with their sincerity. 😛

Extra Work

Chances are everybody will try to shove their work onto the other person and try to relax while it’s pouring cats and dogs. And almost always they will come with phrases like “I caught a flu…*nasal tone*, “it would be a huuuuge favour”, “you’re a greeeeat person.” These are often the traps. Know them before you fall into them.

Image credits - PublicDomainPictures pixabay.com
Image credits – PublicDomainPictures pixabay.com

TRIVIA: Even though people are aware that these maybe traps, chances are they’ll fall for it. Don’t hesitate to give them a try. 😉

So what are you avoiding this monsoon ? Do let us know in the comments section below. 🙂

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