6 excuses to Skip Work on a Rainy Day

6 Excuses to Skip Work on a Rainy Day

Stepping out of bed is sheer torture when it raining, isn’t it? What IF you could skip your 9 to 5 routine and just stay put with a steaming cup of coffee and your favorite novel, whilst the raindrops pitter-patter on your window pane? It would be pure bliss, no?


Yeah!  come back to REALITY now and go through these golden excuses to skip work and make your dream come true 😉 (if your boss permits, of course)

Didn’t you know? Rain and Flu are long lost SIBLINGS

Viral infections are on their peak during rainy season and your chances of catching a flu is as high as your car’s chances of falling into a pothole. So stop being afraid – pick up the phone and ring your boss.  As he answers the call, don’t forget to cough and sneeze a couple of times. It would be perfect if you could maintain a nasal tone throughout the conversation.

Excuses to skip work on a rainy day - Flu
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Oh God, my clothes haven’t dried up!

You hate to keep work pending so you LOVE doing all your laundry on the SAME day. Call up your monstrous boss and tell her/him that you washed all your clothes last night and hung them on the terrace to dry and UNFORTUNATELY it rained the following morning, soaked everything. Well you can make it to office but who would want a wet, shivering employee? Excuse sustained 😛

excuses to skip work on a rainy day - wet clothes
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It’s raining TRAFFIC

The city is tied up in a traffic jam and your favorite RJ said that it would be madness to head out. Is your boss crazy enough to think that you can put your best foot forward after being stuck behind the steering and consequently hurting your posterior from sitting in the same seat for hours and hours? I think not 😛

excuses to skip work on a rainy day - traffic
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I am a BAD Swimmer

‘I hate the residents welfare association of my locality. The streets here are submerged in at least 3 feet of water and heading out it next to impossible. I’m so sorry, sir.’

excuses to skip work on a rainy day - water logging
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Betrayal, sheer betrayal!

Your alarm rang at the right time, you ironed your clothes and headed to the main road to hire an auto. You kept waiting for an hour and a quarter but no transport was in sight. Just remember to sound profusely sorry while saying this- ‘I was waiting for this meeting all week but I’d have to take a leave it seems.’ There you go, nailed it 😉

excuses to skip work on a rainy day - no public transportation
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Doctor, my car needs a doctor!

Your car broke down and you’ve been ringing up mechanics all around the house but nobody seems to be in work mode. Are you at fault? Absolutely NOT.

excuses to skip work on a rainy day - car broke down
Image credits – pixabay.com
We know there are at least 100 more excuses to skip work on a rainy day but use these safe ones to call it a day without raising your Bosses ire. Happy Monsoon (:

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