Odd-Even Rule: How to Overcome It

Hey… already losing your sleep over the Odd-Even traffic Rule? Afraid you’ll miss an important meeting? Dreading all the chaos that might ensue? As usual, we are here to your rescue. We have complied ways to travel using public transport so that you can commute like a pro without harming the environment.

Odd-Even Rule Hack #1: Public Transport


For the uninitiated, Delhi’s DTC buses ply all around the city. Every area has a bus service and there are no exceptions. However, finding out what bus number to board is a big hassle, but not any more. Google has developed an app called Delhi Public Transport Offline that will give you the bus numbers depending on where you want to travel to. All you need to do is download the app and type in your location and destination. The app will give you the distance you need to walk to reach your nearest bus stop and the bus number that you need to take and the time at which it’ll arrive. Also, you’ll get the the entire route the bus follows. In case, you need to change at some place, that too will be mentioned. Also you’ll be shown the time table for the particular bus number i.e. you’ll be provided with all the timings at which the bus will arrive at the particular stop. The only drawback of the app is that being an offline app, it doesn’t show directions and if you are not aware of where the bus stop is it’ll be difficult for you to reach the bus stop itself.

We tried the app and this is how it works:
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Step 1 |

Enter your Location Here
Enter your Location Here
Step 2 |

See options of commuting
See options for commuting
Step 3 |

Check Route
Check Route
Step 3 | Screenshot_2015-12-30-13-31-48-compressor 
Slide 5 |

At your Location
At your Location
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In case, you want to go to a location that involves both metro and bus rides, the app shall guide you to it too.

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The Delhi government has promised to launch 3,000 extra buses in the city to help people commute easily when the rule is enforced.


The Delhi Metro is the lifeline of the city. It is convenient, cheap and quick. Commuters can take metros to reach any destination at the least possible time. The aforementioned app also has time tables for all the trains, including yellow, blue, violet, red lines as well as for rapid metro. The DMRC has agreed to take the following measures:

  • They will run 3,192 total trips from January 2016 against 2,827 trips in January 2015.
  • It will run 198 trains daily.
  • It will deploy additional Customer Facilitation Agents (CFA) at major metro stations to help and guide commuters.


The cities relation with its auto drivers is as bumpy as some of the roads. Autos will more often than not refuse to take you and even if they do they’ll charge a hefty sum for doing so. But there are a few rules that you can throw back at them:

  • An auto driver cannot refuse to take you anywhere unless he is returning home and that is displayed. In case he does you can file a complaint by sending an SMS to 56767.
  • Send SMS <OVC or REF or MIS or HAR vehicle Registration> Location Time on 56767.

Where OVC stands for Over Charging, MIS stands for Misbehaviour, REF stands for Refusal and HAR stands for Harassment.

Odd-Even Rule Hack #2: Car pooling

Many car pooling apps have come up across the city like BlaBlaCar that’ll help commuters travel across the city. Also you can try the car pooling option in your office- check with your colleagues who among them share the same route as you and ask them to give you a lift or vice-versa. Also Ola has come up with a private CarPool option that’ll enable individual drivers to act as car pools giving lift to people who are travelling in the same route.

So… now you know of the various options you have at hand to beat the Odd-Even Rule. So, stop sulking about having to take public transport for 15 days a month. You have bigger issues in your life than that.

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