Odd-Even Rule in Delhi 2017 – Everything You Need to Know

Odd-even rule to return from 13 to 17 November 2017

  • Exemptions have changed

  • 2 wheelers are NOT exempted

  • Women drivers NOT exempted

  • Travel in DTC buses free during the odd even period

November 2017 update

After a revision of the odd-even rules by the NGT on 11 November, Delhi Government got the go ahead to implement the odd-even traffic restrictions from 13 to 17 November 2017. This time 2 wheelers and women drivers will not be exempted.

Ssup Delhiites? Losing your cool over the odd-even rule? Don’t know if you fall in the exempted category? Scared of taking your car out on the wrong day? Unsure of what the exact rules are? Now get over your fear of being penalized for not knowing them with this comprehensive list about everything you need to know about the Odd-Even Rule.

Image Source- Wikipedia
Image Source- Wikipedia

General Rules:

Private vehicles in Delhi with odd registration numbers will be allowed to ply on odd dates.

Vehicles with even registration numbers will ply only on even days.

The rule will be applicable in 2017 between 13 November and 17 November.

The rule is applicable not only on privately owned four wheelers registered under the Delhi government but also on vehicles coming from other states.

Cars of Ministers and Bureaucrats also all under the ambit of this rule.

Vehicles with both odd and even numbers will be allowed to ply before 8 A.M. in the  morning and after 8 P.M. in the evening.

Violation of the odd-even rule will attract a penalty of Rs. 2,000.

Trucks will be allowed inside Delhi from 10.30 pm.


CNG-certified vehicles are exempted from Delhi government’s odd-even scheme coming into force from January 1.

The government has not issued any notice on LPG run vehicles like last time. We will keep you updated about any further information.

Hybrid vehicles and electrical vehicles exempted.

During the period emergency vehicles including ambulance, PCR, fire tenders, will also not come under the ambit of road-rationing experiment.

Exemption for differently abled as their vehicles are specially designed. Hence, they won’t be able to follow the odd-even formula.

Cars with four persons travelling in them are exempted. “Car pooling will reduce the load of providing additional public transport and would also mean lesser vehicles on road,” said a source. However, the source added that families will not be exempted.

Emergency cases will obviously be exempted from the rule.

General Information:

There are over 19 lakh private four-wheelers registered in Delhi and nearly half of these will go off the roads with the implementation of Delhi government’s odd-even formula.

According to the government’s plan, it will run 500 additional buses. The transport minister announced on the 10th of November that travel in DTC buses during the odd even time period will be free.

Metro will run 3317 trips instead of 3131 trips to accommodate numbers of passengers after the implementation of odd-even scheme.

200 check-points will be installed in the city will be created to check pollution level.

So, hopefully all your queries regarding the odd-even rule has been answered via this comprehensive list. Check this space for any further development.

Happy Driving 🙂

Source: NDTV, FirstPost, Indiatoday, The Times of India.

Last updated: 10th November, 2017

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  1. Hi ,

    I have Hyundai EON car which runs on Petrol and LPG which was provided by Hyundai company. Can i be exempted from odd even rule.

    • Raghav this is a really good question. In the notification nothing has been mentioned about LPG cars. CNG vehicles are exempted but you have to display the CNG sticker on it. To be safe I would say that LPG vehicles are not allowed.

  2. Hi,
    I want to know , that a women ( senior citizen ) singly lived, working, not allowed to drive vehicle can use their car with driver or not in odd even formula. Is any exemption for that.

  3. LPG cars shoud be exempted .have u forgeted about lpg cars or what ? Why LPG cars are not exempted .its is also a clean gas like cng.


  5. Hi ,

    I have Maruti Esteem car which runs on Petrol and LPG which was provided by Maruti company. Can i be exempted from odd even rule.

  6. I need all details about odd – even rules

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