5 Types of People on Holi

Ah Holi! The festival of colour, of fun frolic and letting your inner crazy out. Holi is all about water fights, pakka rang , mud and dung (and bhang, psst psst!) And the victory of good over evil, the love between Radha and Krishna, etc etc.

This year, as you get ready to go out and celebrate, we tell you the kind of people you’ll come across.

Five types of people you’ll meet on Holi:

1.The Enthu-Cutlets

Yep, they are the ones who are over enthusiastic about the festival. They have their complete arsenal of water balloons, pakka rang, and somehow, an unlimited supply of coloured water! They shall drag you out and dunk you in. Their special skill-set is the ability to pour down buckets of water or throw water-balloons at innocent passers by in the days leading up to D-day.


2. The Rang-Me-Nots

These peace-loving souls try and hide inside their homes with excuses ranging from skin-allergies to examinations to outright dislike for the super-fun festivities. The enthu-cutlets are the bane of their existence, since they eventually drag the rang-me-nots out of their safe-haven into the wild-wild world of colours and keechadh.



3. Main Sharaabi

Alcohol, thandai or bhang ke pakode, these guys enjoy every source of intoxication to the fullest. They will be the ones dancing away to glory, and get along very well with the enthu-cutlets.


4. The Holi-er than Thou.

Ah, these ones come with all the trimmings. Big garden party or farmhouse bash? Check. Long tables with fancy traditional AND contemporary decorations and cuisine? Check. All white, bought-just-for-holi clothes? Check. Mandatory foreigners and socialites? All check!



5. The Silver Squad

They look more like robots than humans, what with silver paint covering every visible inch of their skin.And just to break the monotony of the metallic hues, the add dashes of grease and muck as well. Spray cans and coloured capsules are their favourite accessories during Holi.


Comment below to tell us what kind you are. Don’t fit any of the above molds? Oh hipster you! Let us know what kinds we’ve missed out on.

And well, Happy Holi!


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  1. holi is one of e best festival in india

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