Types of People you meet in Diwali

Types of People you meet during Diwali

It is party-time for us dil-se-desi people! Diwali is almost here, and I’m sure everyone is excited about their traditional dresses, the loads of mithais and of-course, the lavish parties. We have observed a pattern; a set of  people that recurs each year. Now the faces might change, but I’m sure you’ll spot the same characters in this year’s party as well.

Different kinds of People You Meet during Diwali

Have a look and tell us which one of the following you are:

 The Selfie Cray

types of people you meet on diwali-selfie cray

There is an abundance of these creatures on this planet. You can experience the world through their eyes via their numerous photos of every event that they attend- be it a huge Diwali party or their dog’s birthday. Oh, and by the world, we mean them, because that is all you’ll see in their pictures. #craycraytimes #aShitLoadOfHashtags

The Eco Terrorist

types of people you meet on diwali- eco terrorist

You know all those lectures that we had in school about saying no to crackers and being against pollution? Well this is the guy who took it a little too seriously . He’s the one who’ll sermonize anyone willing to listen about child labour and saving the environment from toxic fumes. Someone tie him to a huge rocket and blast him off already!

The Party Hopper

types of people you meet on diwali- party hopper

You’ll see this person at every party. In the same night. No he doesn’t teleport. He is just always on the lookout for a better party to attend than the one he is in currently. Here now, gone after the first drink. For him, ‘bahut saari parties abhi baaki hai’.

The One Man Bomb Squad

types of people you meet on diwali- one man bomb squad

Sutli bombs, phuljaris, Anars, Chakris, Laxmi bomb- you name it, he has it! If you can’t identify this guy or girl by their arsenal of fireworks, just look out for the most enthusiastic one in the lot. Yep, he’s the one the kids will be running to .

The In-it-for-the-Money

types of people you meet on diwali-in it for the money

Diwali just means one thing for this person- ‘jua and jeetna’.

He’s the one gambling with such concentration as if he were inventing the next nano-technology product. He’s also the one you are secretly jealous of because he takes the winning money home EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

The Cleaning task-Mistress

types of people you meet on diwali- the cleaning task mistress

Now this is a woman on a mission, and you don’t want to be messing with her! She wants everything spick and span and she’ll make her maid work overtime for it if she has too. Piece of advice, DO NOT go near her spotlessly clean house if you have as much as a speck of dust on your shoes.

The Mithai Maniac

types of people you meet on diwali- the mithai maniac

“Joey doesn’t share food!”, and neither does this one, especially when it comes to ghee laden ladoos and barfis. Don’t get mislead by their appearances; that super skinny girl sitting pretty in the corner? She just might be the next person to hog on to those delicacies.

The Decoration Diva

types of people you meet on diwali- decoration diva

With those diyas burning bright and her home all decked up, this lady could give a serious competition to the fancy interior decor magazines. You’ll find the latest and the classiest decorations at her place. Her house is the one you are afraid to take your kids to, for fear of them knocking over the 3 foot crystal diya holder.

Spotted some other types? Let us know in the comments section below.

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