10 Things that can Make Your Kids Sick

10 Things Your Children Touch That Can Make Them Sick

Mobile Phones

10 things that can make your kids sick - mobile phones
Image © Namya Mehra

A mobile device may have 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat and can transmit  diseases such as influenza befor you can say hello.

Everyday Toys

10 things that can make your kids sick - toys
Image © Namya Mehra

Your child plays with his toys all the time, while having a meal or even when pooping in the washroom! Are they REALLY clean? Well, they’re not.

Laptop Keyboard

10 things that can make your kid sick - laptop keyboard
Image © Namya Mehra

Typing away to glory, a laptop keyboard possesses various bacteria that can cause general influenza or even lead to a stomach diseases.

TV Remotes

Image © Namya Mehra
Image © Namya Mehra

A Television remote is beyond doubt the dirtiest thing you own. You keep surfing channels with your oil painted hands and when guests come over, every one has access to the remote. Dirty, isn’t it?

Books and Magazines

10 things that can mkae your kids sick - books and magazines
Image © Namya Mehra

You immerse yourself in reading books or magazines during your free time. You might read while you are say, brushing your teeth in the morning or doing some household chores. Ever wondered how dirty the magazine become when you carry it all around?

Door Knobs

10 things that can make your kid sick - door knobs
Image © Namya Mehra

Hands are one of the dirtiest parts of the body and people use them to open doors. Need I say more?

Your Clean Laundry

10 things that can make your kids sick- Clean Laundry
Image © Namya Mehra

Underwear and other dirt clothes undoubtedly transfer millions of bacteria to the washing machine which becomes a happy place for them to breed and other clothes too. Therefore, even ‘clean’ laundry can make your children sick.


10 things that make your kid sick - toothbrushes
Image © Namya Mehra

When you flush your toilet the germs can travel up to 6 feet and linger for up to 2 hours. A lot of them end up on toothbrushes that your children as well as YOU use.

Light Switches

Image © Namya Mehra
Image © Namya Mehra

A light switch has at least 217 bacteria per square inch. Understand?


10 things that make your kid sick- carpets
Image © Namya Mehra

A carpet has 200,000 bacteria per square inch. On top of that, humans shed 1.5 million skin cells each hour that feed the bacteria and dust mites on the carpets.

A common solution to fight against ALL these bacteria is to disinfect surfaces WEEKLY using disinfectants like Dettol and rubbing alcohol. For electronic gadgets, it would be a wise decision to use disinfectant wipes. Also, always remind your kids to wash their hands. It is the best habit that you can inculcate in your kids.

Happy Parenting 😀

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