how to get of mosquitoes

How to get rid of Mosquitoes

It is that time of the year again! Heat, humidity and stagnant water create an ideal condition for the multiplication of mosquitoes. One female mosquito can lay as many as 100 eggs in one go. Scary, isn’t it?

Mosquitoes transmit many diseases including Malaria, Dengue & Yellow fever, diseases that can be life-threatening. It is therefore extremely important for people to take all possible steps in order to get rid of mosquitoes.

The following article provides methods to keep mosquitoes away both inside and outside the house using natural as well as mosquito repellents.

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Table of Contents

  1. Measures to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house

  2. Measures to get rid of mosquitoes outside the house

  3. Preventive measures to keep away mosquitoes

Measures to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house

Home Remedies (Natural Methods)


Camphor commonly known as Kapur is an easily acquired household substance. It is considered as one of the most effective means of getting rid of mosquitoes.


  1. Take a bowl full of water and add to it around 100 grams of crushed camphor tablets.
  2. Place this bowl in one corner of your room. (In case of big rooms prepare 2 bowls of camphor-water mixture and put them diagonally across)
  3. Change this mixture every 2 to 3 days since it lasts depending on the quality of camphor used. Remember not to throw the used water away as it can be used for mopping the floor.



Neem of course is easily available as neem trees are found everywhere. It is one of the most effective natural mosquito repellents. It can be used in two ways.

  1. Dried Neem leaves: Since Neem trees are quite common, bring home a bunch of Neem leaves and let them dry in the sun for a few days. Once dry, burn them and make sure the smoke reaches every nook and corner of the room as mosquitoes hide in the most unreachable corners. This will instantly kill all mosquitoes.
  2. Neem oil: Easily available in the market or online, it can be burnt in candles, lamps and can also be used as a mosquito repellent body lotion or spray. Neem oil needs to be applied to the exposed parts of the body to keep mosquitoes from biting you. A mixture of neem oil and coconut oil provides even better results and protects from mosquito bites for at least 8 hours.

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Tulsi is as an effective method to keep mosquitoes away from the house. All you have to do is plant it near windows. It’s strong odor keeps mosquitoes away.

Few white Garlic
Garlic (Image Credits pixabay)


Garlic’s foul smell is quite effective in keeping mosquitoes away.


  1. Crush a few pods of Garlic
  2. Boil them in water
  3. Spray the mixture in your room

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Mosquito Repellent Products

Two blue bottes by MosQuick with white caps. The first is a bottle of Citronlla oil and the second is a bottle of Lemon Grass Oil
Lemon Grass Oil and Citronella Oil by MosQuick

Lemon Grass and Citronella Natural Oil

These are common essential oils that keep mosquitoes away because of their smell. In fact citronella is a very common ingredient in natural mosquito repellents.

We bought a product called MosQuick which is citronella and lemon grass oil used as a mosquito repellent.

How to use this product:

  1. Apply 6-8 drops of both the oils across the window panes, doors and all the possible entry points for mosquitoes. This prevents mosquitoes from entering.
  2. You can also use it while mopping the floor by adding 6-8 drops of the oils in the mopping water.
  3. You can also use it as a spray by mixing 15-20 drops of both the oils in 100 ml of water. Use it to spray outside doors to prevent the entry of mosquitoes.

Experience and Review

We put a few drops of the oils across window panes at the office during the evening, a peak time when mosquitoes enter and found that the product was effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

It is extremely easy to use and can be used in multiple ways as stated above according to the convenience of the consumer.

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Purple Color GoodKnight fast card burning on a plate
GoodKnight Fast Card

Good Knight Fast Card

Good Knight Fast Card is a one of its kind product which is convenient to use and quite effective.

How to use it

Fold the card in half and light it at one end. Shut all the doors and windows for immediate results. Now blow out the flame and place it in a plate in the room. The product burns completely within the next 3 minutes


The burning of the card generates a lot of smoke which quickly kills mosquitoes present in the room. However this smoke becomes suffocating for the people around and might lead to headaches. Therefore for effective results without hassle, vacate the room for some time so that the smoke and odor dissipates.

The effect of the product lasts for a few hours and is easily available at any store at a reasonable price.

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How to get rid of mosquitoes when you are outside the house

Mosquito Repellent Products

One odomos natural mosquito repellent cream with its box behind the cream

Odomos Natural Cream

Odomos non sticky repellent cream

This is a really old product and a well known brand in India. You have to apply the cream before sleeping at night or while travelling, camping or playing. The product contains citronella which repels mosquitoes. I personally hate mosquitoes and always carry a small tube of Odomos in my bag and apply it whenever needed.


The product is easy to use as it is in cream form and is non-sticky with a pleasant smell. It contains Aloe Vera which moisturizes the skin. The price is quite low. I personally think that applying the cream on exposed parts of the body is a bit of a hassle but hey, that’s a small price to pay for getting rid of those pesky mosquitoes.

Yellow color round mosquito patch on the shoulder of a girl
Odomos Mosquito Patch

Odomos mosquito patches

Mosquito patches are pretty popular for kids because as compared to using a creme putting on a patch is quick and easy. Also,since you do not apply it directly to the skin it is good for people with sensitive skin.

The patch has an adhesive back and you are supposed to put it on your clothes, preferably on the shoulder or sleeves. It is 100% natural and contains Citronellal, the strong odor of which keeps mosquitoes away.


The product is effective indoors as well as outdoors. However there is a chance that the patch may fall off due to poor adhesion to clothes which might be an issue with kids. It is effective for a longer time indoors as compared to outdoors.

One gren color Goodknight fabric roll on
GoodKnight Fabric Roll On

Good knight Fabric Roll On

This mosquito repellent by Good Knight is quite a unique product and is effective in keeping mosquitoes away when you are outdoors.


The product contains a mixture of Citronella oil and Eucalyptus oil which are effective against mosquitoes and are 100% natural. Apply four dots of the roll on your clothes (not skin), two on your shoulders and two on your legs so the smell covers the whole body. The roll on assures 8 hours of protection and peace of mind. The smell is fragrant and not very strong.


The product is extremely easy to use. The drops do not leave stains or marks on the clothes. The bottle contains only 8 ml liquid which is expensive for the given price.

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Preventive Measures to keep mosquitoes away from your house

Like they say, prevention is better than cure. The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to not let them enter in your home or living area to begin with.

Here are some tips that are quite effective:

  1. Cover all the windows with wire meshes which prevent mosquitoes from entering even when the windows are open.
  2. Install an auto door closing mechanism on the doors so that mosquitoes do not enter due to the carelessness of keeping doors open.
  3. Regular use of insecticide sprays or repellents like Baygon or Hit with emphasis on hidden places like under the bed, behind the cupboard, places where mosquitoes hide. There should not be anyone in the room as these chemicals are toxic. It is a good idea to wear a mask or tie a handkerchief on your nose and mouth while spraying. Keep the room closed for at least one hour before entering. This method is quite effective as long as the room is kept closed.
  4. It is a good practice to leave a Good Knight or Allout mosquito repellent outside the door to prevent mosquitoes from entering.
  5. Do not allow water to stagnate inside and around the house, regularly cleaning sinks or the water bowls of pets. Stagnated water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  6. Keep windows and doors closed during the evening when the house is more prone to the entry of mosquitoes.

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These steps should help you get rid of mosquitoes inside your home or outside. If you know some ways that have worked for you let me know in the comments and I will add them the next time the post in updated.

The mosquito menace is quite real in September and October as this is the season when Dengue is quite prevalent especially in Delhi. To read more about Dengue prevention, symptoms and cure read our blog post here.

Picture Credits: Anushka Srivastava wherever not mentioned in captions

With inputs by Deepakshi Vasudeva 

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  1. Hi,
    I have an evaporative cooler(water cooler). It is located in my room. It contains 5-8 litres of water every time. whenever the water level is down to 3 ltrs, i will pour more water into it. That means it will never be empty. I need water inside that cooler every time. Emptying that cooler’s tank is a tedious task to me. So i would like to add something to that water in order to prvent mosquitos laying eggs. What is the best thing to add that water ?. I mean salt is not good for internal metal parts inside the cooler.

    • Did you try adding a some kerosene to the water? It will form a layer on the water and mosquito larvae will not be able to breathe through the layer and will did. Kerosene also does not evaporate quickly and you will not have to top it up that often.

  2. what else than kerosene can we add ?????????

  3. you can add 4-5 kaphoor tablets in water.

  4. Really helpful tips! You can use Hicare 360 mosquito repelling machine which blocks, prevents and kills mosquitoes and keep your homes free from mosquitoes. Safe and Odorless that protects from mosquitoes bites and against deadly diseases like dengue and malaria and keep them away from you.

  5. Vinod nice tip.. thanks to the admin too.

    Do you people think mosquitoes are coming after the installation of insect meshes for Windows and doors??

  6. Hello, I bought neem oil from Amazon and burn that via oil diffuser with few drops of water, jasmine fragrance and kapur tablets. But it seems failed to rid of mosquitoes in my premises. What wrong I have done? Can you help?

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