7 ways for a cleaner India

7 Easy Things to Keep your Country Clean

The 30th of January, is National Cleanliness Day. I didn’t even know we had one! We have two, for the record, the other being on 2nd October.

This day is also observed as Martyr’s Day to mark the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the man who started with the whole Swach Bharat concept in the first place.

So we all posted patriotic quotes and shared emotional videos about desh-bhakti a few days back on Republic Day. All that nationalism dies soon after sun down and we go back to our normal lives, cursing the government for everything that is going wrong with our lives, from taxes to traffic to filthy streets. So what if we ourselves aren’t doing a single thing to contribute to any of the solutions? It is our birthright to crib and curse.

On a serious note though, there are a few simple things that we can actually do, especially for a cleaner country. We all would like a saaf-sutra desh to live in.It won’t even take much effort:

We ran a campaign on Facebook the past week, #KeepItClean, in which we shared a series of posts about how you could do your bit to contribute to a cleaner society. Here’s what you can do:

1.Always carry a small poly-bag

A recycled paper bag would be just great. Use it to throw in little pieces of trash. ALWAYS.
We all know that there is a dearth of dustbins in our city. Let’s stop blaming and start doing.

carry own trash bag keep country clean

2.Segregate waste at home in 3 separate bins

Biodegradable, Recyclable and Others. Yes this has been told to us time and again, and we do start, but it fizzles out soon (much like our new year resolutions.) If you are living in a society, you could talk to the management and get this system of segregation implemented there.

segregate trash keep country clean

3. Re-use old bottles

You can do a lot of creative things with old plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. We saw some cool ideas on bored panda.

recycle plastic keep country clean

4. Compost pit

Its cheap, its useful, and your best friend if you have a green thumb.You can collect and separate out your food scraps before you head for the garbage. Find a compost collection site in your area and take your scraps there weekly or just utilize it for your plants.

compost pit keep country clean

5.Join a Community Cleanliness Drive

Trust us, it is much easier to do something when there are others doing it with you. You can join community cleanliness drives (insert link/ research more)

community cleanliness drive keep country clean

6. Use Fabric Bags

Instead of getting things from your vegetable vendor in a zillion tiny polythene bags, carry your own fabric bag when you go shopping. You have got to admit, a fabric bag has a charm of its own.

use fabric bag keep country clean

7.Live Clean Yourself

Keep your house tidy, get it cleaned regularly, declutter, live healthy, live clean. Try using all those cleaning hacks that you read online. Lifehack.org has some really nice ones.

Well these are some tips you can follow easily. We do hope that you practice at least some of these. In all honesty, we hope that we follow them as well.

Here’s to a cleaner India!


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  1. Great Post. Well thought order of steps. #1 being most important.

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