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15 Home Cleaning Tools that will make Life Simpler

How many of you think that cleaning us is a hassle? You want your space clean but lack the time or the energy to get up and do the cleaning. This guide should be helpful to novices and those who do not have enough time to clean their houses,  e.g. bachelors and other working professionals.

We will attempt to provide you with a very generic list of tools that are must haves for basic home cleaning. Being clean is not a choice but a necessity for your well being.


It is, hands down, one of the most important tools one needs to have. Most commonly used with a dustpan, it helps in dusting windows, fans, walls, doors and also used for sweeping the floor. A hard broom is used to clean wet surfaces.

Home Cleaning Tool- Broom
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A sponge is made up of porous material that is used to absorb water or other liquid based dirt. A wet sponge could harbor bacteria because it is made primarily of wood fiber so it needs to be disinfected regularly.

Tip: One can put a wet sponge in a microwave oven and heat it for 2-4 minutes to kill 99 percent of the bacteria.

Spray bottle

A spray bottle is a water or solution container. The liquid can be squirted or sprayed on a dirty spot or on a stain and a sponge, piece of cloth or towel can be used to wipe it off.

Home Cleaning Tools- Spray Bottle
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Trash cans

A trash can, as the name suggests is a waste container made of either metal or plastic used to hold household waste, both dry and wet. It is recommended to have separate cans for wet and dry waste. It is a good practice to sort waste according to weather it is biodegradable or recyclable and dispose accordingly.

Trash Can Liners

Trash Can liners are life savers when it comes to trash handling. One can easily use these bags to collect waste and dispose them without getting the trashcan dirty. These bags also prevent the trash cans from degrading and helps increase their life.

Home Cleaning Tool-Garbage Liner


One can carry water for mopping the floor or use it to carry waste. It is important to have a separate bucket for cleaning so that germs in it don’t contaminate other objects in your house.

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A scrub can be used to remove tough stains or spots from the floor or from upholstery. A scrubber has hard bristles for cleaning hard surfaces.

Home Cleaning Tools- Scrubber
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In addition to regular cleaning tools, we also need a toothbrush in our house for cleaning those spots which are in corners, near hinges, between the tiles etc. where it is difficult for a scrubber, a broomstick, mop to reach.


A mop could be a piece of cloth, yarn or other absorbent material attached to a pole or a stick. It could be used for dusting, mopping the floor or soaking up liquid. A mop and a bucket make a great combo.

Home Cleaning Tool-Mop
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Gloves help us protect our hands from chemicals, stains, hot water, and dirt and to some extent from germs and microbes. A pair of gloves is a must when one talks about cleaning.


These are liquid solutions that can destroy microbes on surfaces. It is recommended to use disinfectants after cleaning.

Air freshener

The use of air fresheners is recommended to deodorize after cleaning. One can buy plug-in air-fresheners, scented candles or incense sticks to make the house smell good.

Home Cleaning Tool- Air Freshner
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Detergent has cleaning properties and helps in cleaning kitchenware, bath fittings, bathroom floor, tiles etc.


It is a flat device that is used to scoop dust in tandem with broom stick or brush. It is held in one hand and could be used to lift dust/garbage etc.

Home Cleaning Tool- dustpan
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