18 Hacks for a Clean 2018

To begin with Happy New Year folks !

Time to stop mulling over the disappointments of the past year for a brand new year has just started. All your energy should be channelised into making this year a fruitful one. Here are a few tips that you can inculcate into your routine to have a cleaner and happier 2018.

18. Lose other people’s opinion:

Quit worrying about trying to please others. Do not make life decisions according to the others’ expectations. As Bill Cosby says, “I don’t know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

17. Pamper Yourself:

A new year is a new start so in order for it to be fresh, you must pamper yourself a bit. Change your hair colour in case that’s something you’ve been wanting to do for a while, invest in that must-have piece you’ve been eyeballing or simply try out a few homemade facials. And don’t forget a long, soothing bubble bath and a low fat chocolate desert either!

16. Start by Setting Small Goals:

Life goals don’t always need to be big and significant. They can be as simple as listening to the complete discography of a singer or trying out every coffee shop in your neighborhood. Set small achievable goals for yourself and work towards fulfilling them. Every time you are done fulfilling them tick them off your list and see how great it feels.

15. Prepare a List of To-Do’s Everyday:

Ever reached that point where you know you have a lot to do but don’t know where to begin from? Every single day right? Solve this problem by spending few minutes every morning planning down your days activities- what’s to be done and how. Try it for a week and see how your life gets sorted


16 Hacks to Cleaner 2016
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14. Try Something New:

Every year should be dedicated to trying something new. It can be anything- from starting your own blog to learning to bake. Your perseverance might pay off and who knows you might have a hobby for life.

16 Hacks to a Clean 2016
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13. De-Clutter and Make Space for New:

The best thing to do early on every year is to de-clutter and make space for new. And it should happen at every level from your wardrobe to your home and also in your life. Do away with the clothes you don’t need, the things that are just gathering space in your house and serving no purpose and also people who are doing nothing but disappointing you. Chuck them out and look for new ones.

12. Talk to Strangers:

If Serendipity isn’t coming to you, why wait for it? Go ahead and meet new people. Know their stories, share yours, hang out with them and who knows you might end up being friends for life.

11. Give Something Back to Society:

2018 is your time to give back to the society that’s shaped you what you received. Be kind, help people. Do your bit. It can be in the simplest of ways like greeting everyone with a smile or in the form of an extensive project like a cleanliness drive. What matters is not the magnanimity of what you are doing but your sincerity in what you do.

10. E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E:

Trust us on this, there is no shortcut to exercise.  Exercising will almost instantly make you feel good about yourself. It will keep you healthy and fill you up with energy to grab life by it’s horns.

16 Hacks to a Cleaner 2016
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9. Eat Healthy:

Turn to organic and healthier versions of your favorite store bought foods. Your body is scared. It houses you and all your quirks. Pay more attention to it.

16 Hacks to a Cleaner 2016
Image Credits- Trace Nietert via flickr.com

8. Make a Book List and Follow It:

Begin early by deciding what books you’d want to read, what books you should have read by now and prepare an extensive list. Obviously there’ll be distractions and you’ll lose track but try to stick to the list. The pleasure you’ll get every time you tick one off the list is unparalleled.

7. Take Care of your House:

Your house is your safe haven. It houses all the people you love the most. So it too should have as much importance as the people. Keep it clean and safe and comfortable. In turn it will protect your loved ones.

6. Family and Friends are Important:

You’ll go new places and meet new people but that doesn’t mean you ignore the ones who have been with you all this while. You have your work and places to go and time will always be a constraint but trust us, if you want to you’ll always find some time for the ones you love. Make them a priority this new year.

5. Teach:

It needn’t be in a school and you don’t need a professional teaching course but you can obviously impart what you have learnt up until now. Remember, when you share what you already know you are introducing people to new things and strengthening the community. It’s not about moving ahead just by yourself but taking the whole community forward.

16 Hacks to a Clean 2016
Image Credits- BlueOlive via pixabay.com

4. Travel More:

Let 2018, be the year of backpacking. Go out with your friends or better still go solo. Man, travelling will teach you things that you can never learn sitting in front of your computer.

Image Credits- Vincent Burgeon via wikipedia.org
Image Credits- Vincent Burgeon via wikipedia.org

3. Kick One Bad Habit Goodbye:

We all have that one habit which bugs us and we want to do away with it. Begin doing away with it this year. Let it be an exchange- pick up one new habit and do away with an annoying existing one.

2. Cut Down on Social Media:

Everyday switch off your laptop, your phone and all other forms of distractions for sometime and sit alone by yourself. Reflect on the day gone by, on things you have done and things you could do better. You’ll feel much better after spending some time with yourself.

1. Appreciate Yourself a bit More:

This year stop being hard on yourself. Embrace yourself with all your imperfections and love yourself for what you are. Once you love yourself, you will notice how the world loves you back.

Source: giphy
Source: giphy


Time to inculcate these changes in your life if you want to make 2018 the best year of your life. 🙂

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