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How to Clean Your Room in 30 Minutes

It’s happening. You feared that this day would come and it has. Your parents/relatives are in town and have decided to pay a visit. You never knew that they were coming over and you do not have much time left. Your house is in a mess (of course), you need to clean up, and fast. Do not panic! Take a deep breath, grab a glass of water and follow this simple guide on how to clean your room in 30 minutes.


Things you will need

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Here’s what you will need:

  • Microfiber cloth for dusting and finishing
  • Mop / Vacuum Cleaner
  • Baskets, cardboard boxes and other types of containers
  • Disinfectant
  • Garbage bag
  • Fresh bed sheets and pillow covers 


The Steps


  • Start by sorting stuff into baskets or cardboard boxes. Collect dirty clothes, curtains, toys, pictures, books etc. into a basket for now.
  • All dirty dishes lying around the house go straight to the kitchen sink.


  • Now start with dusting. Remember the ‘top to bottom rule’ in which you start dusting from the top; this is because dust will settle at the bottom and will finally accumulate on the floor and then can be cleaned up. Do not make your bed before you dust the room; preferably cover your bed with a spare bed sheet.
  • Start by dusting the ceiling fan as a lot of dirt gets settled on the blades especially during winters. To avoid scattering the dust all over you can use a simple trick, slide an old pillow cover or a carry bag over the blades and clean it, this way all the dust will remain contained inside the case.
  • Clean the room corners and around door frames. These places generally have a lot of dust and spider webs. Grab a mop pole and attach a micro fiber cloth to its end and use this to get to those hard to reach areas.
  • Clean the floor now. Use a broom and start from the corners and move towards the door. Mop the floor for that shiny clean look.

Organizing the closet

  • Before sorting clothes, you should clear the closet and wipe it clean. It is possible that all the clothes do not fit in the closet anymore, well don’t just stuff them in, fold all the t-shirts, tops, jeans and towels properly and arrange them properly. You might want to skip this step in case you are (and I’m sure you are) in a hurry.
  • Shirts or dresses that cannot be folded should be stored using hangers. To save space you can buy a multi-tier hanger. That allows you to hang more than one shirt or dress on the same hook.
  • Keep only in season clothes in your closet and store off season ones in your suitcase.

Finishing Touches

  • Make your bed; a neat and clean bed makes your dirty room look clean instantly and will also free space.
  • Stuff goes back to where it belongs. Books back to the book shelf, cosmetics to the bathroom etc.
  • Finally use some room freshener or scented candles to give your room a fresh feel.

Additional Tips

  • You can turn on some music, this way you’ll be tapping and dancing your way through the whole process.
  • Get some friends or family members to help you. That will get the job done quickly and easily.
    P.S – If your friend agrees to help you. Trust me he is a true friend.
  • Clean regularly, the task will be easier as it reduces the stuff to be cleaned thus saving time.

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