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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Worried about horrifying presence of bed bug assassins in your home? OMG. YEAAHH!

If you have discovered these little things crawling around your bed or observed certain indicators like bad itching during night time, red skin rashes etc,  you gotta deal with the problem right away!

Here are the most popular methods to get rid of bed bugs.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bug

Natural Methods to kill bed bugs

So, here we have listed some of the natural methods to control bed bugs and whether they are are effective or not.

Diatomaceous Earth to control bed bugs


get rid of bed bugs
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Diatomaceous Earth(DE) is a powder mineral particularly made up of fossilized diatoms and other algae. It is frequently cited as an eco-friendly , non toxic tool for managing bed bugs. When the powder is crushed , it breaks into minute glasses which are then picked by bed bugs and they absorb it. As a result, bed buds loose water, dry up and die.

But, according to University of Kentucky researchers and pest professionals who had put it to test in a real world situation, the average percent of population is unaffected by DE treatment. DE is more potent to some pests than other. Most experts say that DE  is not suited as a stand alone bed bug treatment and if used should be used with other approaches as well.

Therefore based on these findings, DE may not be sufficient tool on bed bugs to warrant use by generic public.

Steamers to control bed bugs

get rid of bed bugs
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Steamers are a very effective and environment friendly method to kill bed bugs if applied correctly and if a great  quality steamer. Steam Machines work by delivering high temperatures to places where bed bugs hide. Bed bugs cannot tolerate temperatures above 120 degrees. They usually die when they come in contact with steam.

But a steamer has its own disadvantages :-

  • Good quality steamers are very expensive.
  • Steam at such a high temperature can cause serious burns and and even penetrate into our clothes/bed fabric.
  • All areas should be steamed correctly. Missing an area will definitely result in re-infestation.
  • Not all steamers work effectively in case of bed bugs.

Heat to kill bed bugs

This can be a good option to kill bed bugs if the person knows the accurate temperature to completely kill a bed bug an how long does it take for heat to kill a bed bug. The bed bug heat treatment is performed discreetly using specialized heating equipment and processes. The infested room is heated up to 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 4 hours or more to ensure that heat reaches every corner where bed bugs hide themselves.

However, this heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs is not the best option –

  • It involves highly extensive & technical work following protocols.
  • Not easily available in Delhi-NCR.
  • It is an expensive bed bug treatment.
  • It poses significant health effects if not done in a proper manner.

Home remedies for bed bugs: DIY bed bug trap

Here is a video on how to make a DIY bed bug trap

Bed bugs spray products

1. Ecoraider bed bug killer -Natural and Non-toxic

100% Fast Kill and Extended Protection, Green & Non-toxic

The manufacturer claims that it is the most effective spray, as the Entomological Society of America Journal Publication named it “the only natural product that kills bed bugs with 100% efficacy”. EcoRaider is highly appreciated by experts from the Department of Entomology, Rutgers University, calling it a “potentially useful pesticide for controlling bed bug infestations.”

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2. Bayer Temprid SC-50ml for Bed Bugs Control

  • Dual active substance with synergistic action and unsurpassed performance
  • Odourless formulation
  • Low dose rate therefore cost effective
  • Useful for indoor and outdoor application
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3. Bed Bug Killer Bed Bug Patrol

100% Environmentally Friendly, Family & Pet Safe Bed Bug Spray

  • Bed Bug Killer Value 2 Pack naturally kill bed bug within seconds of contact
  • Non Toxic, Family and Pet Safe
  • Natural Chemical-Free Formula
  • Independent Laboratory Tested to Kill Bed Bugs
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Professional bed bug treatment – The Best Method to get rid of bed bugs

In order to ensure long lasting and effective treatment, the best option is to hire professional pest control service provider. We, at Broomberg, provide technical bed bug treatment with a 60 Day Warranty. Your premise is thoroughly inspected by our experts and infested areas are sprayed with best in industry, safe agents.

Read about the price of pest control services in Delhi-NCR here to find the latest price-list on Bed Bug Treatment.

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  1. Appreciate your article in explaining these important steps to get rid of these bugs, initially, I was doubtful to identify these insects.
    But it was late the time I confirmed them that these were bugs which will spoil our sleep and make our mattress dirty.

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