how to remove hardwater stains

The Hard Water Stain Removal Guide

A few months ago one of my friends got imported Italian sanitary ware installed in his house. Soon, he noticed that white spots had started to appear on its surface.  This was quite embarrassing to say the least so he asked me for suggestions. I looked on the internet, asked around and came up with some tips that actually worked for him.

These stains are made of a chalky white compound called lime scale that gets deposited on surfaces because of hard water. This problem is pretty acute in parts of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon where ground water is supplied to households. These hard water spots are enough to ruin any type of fancy bathroom fitting or sanitary ware. But there is no need to despair as these stains can be easily removed by using a bit of diligence and some common household items.

Removing hard water stains from

Utensils: Fill with equal portions of white vinegar and water, bring the mixture to a boil and leave it for some time. Clean normally.

Sink, tap and tubs: Use vinegar or lemon juice on these surfaces. Let it sit for 30 minutes then scrub clean with a sponge or microfiber cloth.

how to remove hard water stains from various surfaces

Shower head: Remove the shower head and soak it in white vinegar solution for few hours. Then scrub and rinse it in plain water.

Shower doors: To remove lime deposits on your glass shower cabinet, spray vinegar solution on it before wiping. Another effective trick is to use white wine. 1 cup wine should do the job, with some left for dinner J

Dishwasher: Pour a cup of lime juice into the empty dishwasher and run it through a full cycle. You should do this regularly to keep it clean.

Toilets: Take a solution of vinegar and borax. Pour the solution in the bowl and basin area and leave it in for 2 hours before scrubbing clean with a toilet brush. You can also add some undiluted vinegar to your flush tank to keep the bowl clean for longer.

Note: Borax also known as boric acid is available at chemist shops.

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Bathroom Cleaning

Important Tips

  • Don’t let the hard water stains get too old. It’s easier to get rid of fresh spots. Regularly clean all the surfaces with diluted white vinegar solution.
  • To allow vinegar solution to stay on surfaces like taps, wet strips of cotton with white vinegar solution and cover the taps with it. Let it stay for some time and then wipe clean.
  • After cleaning shower doors, walls and toilets, use car wax or hair conditioner. This will avoid buildup of lather and also make the surface shine.

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