OMG! I never knew my sofa was THIS dirty

I had faith that my sofa was clean, it had to be, I do clean it once in a while.

To find out the truth, I conducted 2 simple tests.

I slapped the surface of the sofa only to see a dust-ghost come out. Then I dug deeper. Took a vacuum cleaner, placed a clean cloth on the nozzle and fit an upholstery cleaning tool over it and started to vacuum the sofa fabric.

↓WATCH the video to find out what happened next.

Disgusting, right? Well you need to get your sofa cleaned as soon as possible. You can always hire professional sofa cleaning services to come and clean your sofa at your doorstep.  So what are you waiting for?

Sofa cleaning service


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A graduate of NIFT New Delhi, Tavishi is socially awkward and emotionally constipated. But she doesn't shy away from challenges, as long as that challenge is not to diet.


  1. Wow…really…thanks Tavishi…!!!

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