10 filthy spots in your house that you never knew existed

10 filthy spots in your house that you never knew existed

How many are you aware of?

Your home is your personal little (or not so little) place in the world. You go to great lengths to keep it clean and shiny not just for aesthetic reasons but also for the well-being and health of your family. So what if I told you that there are still spots in your house that you might have missed the last time you did a clean up?

To compile this list we grilled several homemakers and homeowners who are self-confessed cleanliness freaks. According to the ‘experts’ here are 10 filthy places in your house that you never knew existed.

1. Above kitchen cabinets and ledges: Yes, yes. We know you keep your kitchen clean and disinfected. That’s mighty sweet! But did you try to look at those not-so-accessible areas? Try going higher than eye level and look at the top of your kitchen cabinet or on top of any ledge. Dust and cooking oil fumes sure do make a ‘sticky’ combination and you will find plenty of those there.

dust and grime deposited on a kitchen ledge


2. Around and on switchboards: You might think that this is a no brainer. Of course you wipe switchboards from time to time when they start to look filthy. But do you do this on a regular basis? Remember, a surface is not just dirty if it looks dirty. You need to be more regular at cleaning up switchboards simply because people touch switches regularly making them ideal places where germs are deposited and picked up.

dust and grime on a switchboard


3. Around exhaust fan: Your kitchen and/or bathroom exhaust fan blades are cleaned once in a while but what about the area around the exhaust window? We bet you would find a thin layer of grime (dust and cooking oil fumes) that is sprayed outwards by the blades.

grime deposited around a kitchen exhaust fan


4. Above the Geyser: Your storage type water heater is such a useful, pretty and shiny thing. But what about the top? Take a look and you will find layers and layers of dust that have been accumulating unchecked for years.

dust deposited on the top of a geyser


5. Above tube lights / light fixtures: Just because lights are bright does not mean that they are immune to dust. Tube lights and high up light fixtures are perfect dust catchers that are mostly ignored during a clean up.

dust deposited on the top of a tube light



6. Behind paintings: Paintings are supposed to make your living space look pretty. But then, they hide a lot of wall and are also places where dust accumulates unnoticed. Make sure you remove paintings and wipe out the dust on a regular basis.

dust behind a wall painting


7. Behind Sofas: There is something very wrong with sofas when it comes to cleanliness. Positioning them next to walls creates a small gap inaccessible to brooms and mops. It is pretty hard for the regular homeowner to shift the sofa and clean this gap so don’t be surprised when you find lots of dust, lint balls and mysteriously lost miscellaneous knick knacks behind yours.

dirt behind and under a sofa


8. Above air conditioner voltage regulators: I’m sure you clean the top of your window or split air-conditioner but what about the voltage regulator that is mounted nearby?

dust on top of an AC voltage regulator


9. High windows: You NEVER clean those high ventilator windows. Admit it! Not on Diwali, not ever!

dirty high glass window


10. Under the sink: Your shiny well scrubbed sink is keeping a dirty secret. Check out it’s under side and all will be revealed.

dirty spot under a kitchen sink


Warning! I’m sure that after reading this many of you would try to locate these spots in a frenzy thinking ‘How could I have missed those areas?’ Go ahead and do it but please be careful, especially when the spot is high up, like the top of a kitchen cabinet or geyser. Remember to use a strong and stable stool or a stepladder to keep your balance so that you do not fall.

If all this is too much of a hassle(which it IS), you can always give us a call at 8010104040 and we’ll clean your house from top to bottom!

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Think that we have missed a spot? Respect! We congratulate you on your obsessive nature. We are pretty obsessive about cleanliness ourselves, so we know how it feels. In the spirit of helping humanity we would appreciate if you share your knowledge in the comment section below. We will be happy to add it to the post the next time we update it.

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  1. Also a good idea is to take a photograph of all 4 (or more) sides of the room and mark on them the high accumulation areas (mainly horizontal surfaces) with a red marker. Use these red areas as a checklist for your maintenance cleaning.

  2. Never even thought dirt existed in such areas until I read your blog. I could locate eight of these areas at my home. I have planned to take up the professionals in one time cleaning services at aurora. Hope this helps clean all hidden dirts and make them spotless.

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