9 Everyday Use Objects That Need Your Immediate Attention

Did you know you make yourself susceptible to threatening germs everyday. Often you carry them along with you everywhere you go. YES, you heard that right. There are way too many objects that deserve IMMEDIATE cleaning and disinfection. If you care about your health, go clean these 9 everyday use objects right now.

Tooth Brush

Come to think of it, the toothbrush which is used by you to clean the food particles that have accumulated in your mouth throughout the day should in itself be very dirty. But how many of us bother to clean our tooth brush separately. All we do is run it under water.

Image credits - Martin Howard flickr.com
Image credits – Martin Howard flickr.com

Here is all that you can do to make sure your toothbrush remains clean :

  • Run the tooth brush in hot water.
  • Clean by soaking in Alcohol Based Mouthwash followed by rinsing in water.

The T.V. Remote

Something that stays in your hands most of the time is bound to be dirty. And the T.V. Remote is no exception. Also it keeps changing hands. So in a way the remote is transferring the germs from one person to another.

Here’s how you clean it:

  • Use disinfecting swab to clean.
  • Clean with cotton swab dipped in Rubbing Alcohol.
Everyday use objects- remote control
Image credits- nuzree via pixabay.com


This shouldn’t be a surprise since you are running your fingers across it all the time. The dirt settles in the crevices of the keys and builds colonies of germs. Your fingers contact these germs and the effect of it is pretty visible.

Here’s how to clean it thoroughly using a few steps:

  • Turn the laptop over and tap gently so that some particles are removed.
  • Use a laptop cleaning solution easily available in the market to clean it.
  • Remember to dry it well.
Everyday use objects
Image credits- PublicDomainPictures via pixabay.com

Vegetable Chopping Board

Yes, we use it to cut what we eat and then ignore its cleaning because we are too lazy or unaware that remnant vegetable particles can be breeding ground for germs.

Learn here how to clean it:

  • Clean the board by rubbing it regularly with a soapy water solution. Do not run it in water though as there are chances of water soaking in the board and cracking it.
  • Sometimes clean the board using a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar.
  • To remove stains, cover with salt and rub lemon on it. Rinse and dry.
Dirty Chopping Board
Image credits- Rob Nunn via flickr.com

Carpets and Door Mats

They collect all the dirt from your shoes and dirty feet. Don’t be surprised if they rank among the dirtiest objects in your house.

But don’t fret over them. Here’s how you can keep the germs from spreading

  • Dust the carpets regularly using brushes. Vacuum once a week. Also you could get them professionally dry cleaned from a professional cleaner like Broomberg periodically to keep them germ free.
  • Dust foot mats by striking against walls.
    P.S.- Make sure your mouth and nose are covered
  • Try using rubber mats which can be cleaned with soap or detergent.

Mobile Phone

No shocks here. Everyone knows that the mobile is one of the dirtiest gadgets. The screen has a tendency of attracting oil from the surrounding and become a suitable medium for germs to thrive on.

Here’s how you can tackle your Phone’s germs:

  • Clean using soft cloth as often as you can.
  • Remember to dry well before switching it on again.

Mattress and Pillow

Not something you would assume collects a lot of dust but sadly they do.

But here’s how you clean them:

  • On a daily basis dust them everyday.
  • For making them completely safe get them sterilized professionally. You can contact Broomberg for professional sterilization for mattresses.

P.S. Keeping them out in the sun for sterilization is a BAD idea as they tend to gather dust. Hence go for professional sterilization.

dirty mattress
Image Credits-via wikipedia.org

Kitchen Sponges

You use them to remove grim and oil from dishes. But do you remember to clean it afterwards ? NO.

So, here’s how you can do that:

  • Soak them in dishwasher liquid and rinse by running through tap water
  • Boil them in hot water.
Everyday use objects
Image credits- Hans via pixabay.com


Yes, your object of pride is also an germ-y object. It is quite normal since it stays out with you all days trapped between the cusp of your hand or hanging from your shoulder.

How to Clean:

  • Handbags come in a variety of materials. Know the material and follow the manufacturer’s guide to clean it
  • If it is leather treat it carefully.
  • Try not to use water unless its a cotton or canvas one.
  • Dust regularly.
Image Credits-via wikipedia.org
Image Credits-via wikipedia.org
Missed out a dirty object ? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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