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Taking the pain out of house painting

I recently attended the Berger XP house painting services Indiblogger meet in Delhi. Berger XP is a modern painting service that claims to take out the hassle from getting your home painted. They offer a complete range of home interior and exterior painting services that are delivered by trained painters who use high tech painting tools and the job is completed faster and better.

It was an eyeopener to see how Berger is trying to disrupt the home painting industry by introducing high tech home painting tools. This is a welcome change to the house painting service industry which has been operating without a change since forever. The best part is that the customers do not have to pay extra for this premium service and they get excellent customer service and an unbeatable experience.

Advantages of professional house painting services

  1. Reduction in time: Automation claims to reduce 40 to 50% in painting time which is very good as anyone who has had their home painted would know.
  2. Hassle free experience: Tools and techniques used by the painters ensure less stress for the customers.

Berger representatives demonstrated the tools and techniques that are used to paint homes and let the attending bloggers know the USPs of this service.

How it works

The question and answer session was the most enlightening in which Mr Vinod Das, Chief Manager of Berger XP services gave an introduction to the service and answered questions.

Mr Vinod Das addressing the meet
Mr Vinod Das addressing the meet

Taking the pain out of house painting

Mr Das compared the mental energy expended in getting your home painting to getting your tooth extracted. Last year we got our office painted and I know first hand what he meant by this statement. Setting up this service has been a challenge that the Berger XP has been solving for over two years. They set up painting training academies and claim to have trained 25,000 painters in one year. These painters who work for contractors are trained in the latest tools and techniques and partner with Berger to paint homes. Painting techniques have not evolved over the years as there are no schools so painters learn as apprentices because of which bad practices get carried over. Mr Das called this the ‘Uberization of painting’ because Berger is empowering painters and helping them with their business.

Seamless customer experience

The aim of this service is to make life easier for the customer. You can submit an inquiry on their website or call them on their toll free number 18001036030 to book a site visit. A professional painting consultant sets up an appointment and visits the home to give a free quotation to the owner. The customer executive carries modern tools like a laser distance meter to measure the area to be painted which ensures transparency. They use a moisture meter to find out if the home has seepage issues and even advise on how to manage these issues. Using all the information and after talking to the customer they give a free quotation to the customer. If the customer wants to go ahead the executive fixes another appointment in which he is accompanied with the painter who plans the painting schedule.

Fast and hassle free painting services

Innovative painting tools and techniques ensure that the stress is removed from painting. The painter carefully covers the furniture and floor with modern covers which prevents pain stains and dust. the instruments are also designed to cause less dust and prevent spillage. The service is 40 to 50 % faster and this offsets the expense that the painter incurs on procuring the tools and so this service does not come at a premium for the customer.

Innovative home cleaning tools

A demo and explanation of the benefits of the painting tools was very informative

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home painting tool sander
house painting tools paint mixer
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House painting problems solved

There are many problems that the painter and thus the customer has to tackle. Berger XP painting tools have been developed to solve these issues.

Sanding machine with vacuum cleaner solves dust issues

automatic sanding machine

Sanding process during preparation of the wall before painting is normally done manually using a sanding paper which coats the area with fine dust that is difficult to clean. Berger solves this problem by using an automatic sander that is equipped with a vacuum cleaner that sucks 80% of the dust during sanding.

Paint roller with paint supply to reduce wastage and paint spots

A paint roller equipped with a paint pump ensures that the process of painting is faster and pint is not waster. Also there are no paint spots and splashes anywhere.

Paint wastage by manual mixing  

paint mixer

This issue is solved by using a mechanized paint mixer that ensure that the paint and pigment are mixed faster, better and without spillage.

I think that Berger is doing an awesome job by revolutionizing the house painting services industry in India. Their services are available all over India and what they have created over the past two years is commendable. More innovations are in the pipeline which should take the pain out of painting.

In case you are planning to get your home painted I would recommend this service. Have you experienced Berger XP? If yes, I would love to know what you think. Please feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Images used with permission from Berger XP painting

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