how to decorate your room simple DIY tricks

How to Decorate your Room

Bored of how your room looks and wondering how to decorate it? They say that your room is your happy little place, but should’t it look fabulous? Have you ever looked at your room and then at your wallet and then given up on your wishes to redo it? Worry not, we at Broomberg (dedicated as we are to making your life more comfortable) have come up with some quick DIYs that will help brighten up your room and hopefully your life without burning a hole in your pocket.

How to Decorate your Room’s Walls

Use photographs and posters with colored tape borders:

Who doesn’t like having reminders of happy memories around them? Select an empty, dull portion on your room walls and use bright photographs or posters to light it up. You can use tape to make the borders more prominent.

Use Photographs or Posters with coloured tape borders
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Hang photographs on a string:

You can also hang these photographs on a string strung across a wall or near a window. Use inexpensive clips to   hold them in place. You can also use a row of strings and photographs at varying heights to add to the dramatic     effect.

Print a wall to floor mural:

Instead of wasting money on buying a store made mural just get one of your choice printed. It’ll cost a whole lot less you can also customize it as per your own  needs.

Invest in a soft board:

A soft board is kind of like your one solution to all problems. Use it to stick notes, photographs, to-do lists or anything that suits your heart’s desires. If you are lucky enough to find a soft board with metal rims, brighten it up with colorful magnets.

How to Brighten up your Bed

Use an old sari or dupatta or bed cover to cover your headboard:

Cover your headboard with an old sari
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If you want to decorate your room you must pay attention to your bed. Chances are you’ll be spoilt for choices. Choose an old sari that appeals to your taste and use it to cover your headboard. You can hammer pins at the back of the headboard to hold the arrangement in place.

Cushions, cushions and more cushions:

Cushions are the most sure fire way to add color to your bed. Make your cushion covers innovative and fun by converting your old t-shirts and bags into cushion covers. This will not you save you from spending a bomb but also make your bed an extension of your personality.

Use cushions to decorate your bed
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 Make yourself a patchwork quilt:

Ask your local tailor to donate left over scrap pieces of cloth and scourge your own wardrobe to come up with items that you can spare. Stitch them all up to make your daily quilt and give yourself a brand new quilt.


Make yourself a Patchwork Quilt
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How to add Drama to your Room

Paint and Upturn Dustbins and use them as side tables:

Instead of spending a huge amount on buying a side table use an old dustbin preferably one made of wicker or metal. You can also use it to store things and then cover it from top. If you are an artist or know someone who is, get them to paint it for you.

 Make yourself some new rugs:

Make yourself some rugs
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The best part is it is almost zero investment. You can make a rug out of any kind of cloth, old clothes, bed sheets, quilts, almost anything. Make one that suits your room and spread it on the floor to increase seating space.

 Turn old boxes into storage spaces:

In the age of online shopping it’s not a challenging task to find sturdy boxes of different shapes and sizes in one’s house. Use these boxes to store accessories, stationary, day to day items like keys and chargers. But before you use them cover them in colorful wrapping paper or white chart paper and use paint to brighten them.

How to jazz up lighting arrangements

Use fairy lights in a bottle:

No article on how to decorate your room is complete without mentioning lighting arrangements. Take a beer bottle or a glass jar, wash and dry it. You can paint the outer surface or just leave it as it is. Push a few rows of fairy lights through it and place the arrangement in one corner of your room and see the corner lighting up.

Use fairy lights in a bottle
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Use fairy lights to illuminate your row your photographs:

You can alternate your rows of photographs with rows of fairy lights and get yourself a row of illuminated photographs.

 Paint corners of furniture and important objects in glow in the dark paints:

Use Neon Paints on Important Objects
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How many times have you bumped in to corners and legs of chairs and tables in the   dark? Now do away with the problem for once and all by painting the edges in glow in the dark paints. Not only will it make moving about in the dark convenient but also make your room a whole lot cooler.

In case you know of any other DIYs to change the look and feel of a room do let us know. Also try out some of these tricks and let us in the comments section below how it looks (:

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