How to organize your kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where food is cooked with love, care and a considerable effort. A well-arranged kitchen is necessary to reduce confusion and fatigue while cooking so investing time and energy into organizing your kitchen makes sense.

Here are 9 simple steps that will help you organize your kitchen

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Get rid of things that you do not use

Honestly, when did you last time you used that Idli maker, dish scoop, or juicer? Do you really need specific tool for everything?  Pass it on to a friend or a relative, give it to charity, or sell it on OLX. Getting rid of stuff that you rarely use will make room for stuff that you do use and de-clutter the kitchen in general. There might be useful things that might need repair, get them fixed or get rid of them.

using space efficiently in the kitchen
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Use space efficiently

A typical problem faced while organizing a kitchen is the lack of space. Get creative when it comes to creating storage space. Use hooks below cabinets to hand cups and mugs. Attach racks to store glasses, crockery etc.

A quick trick could be to use an old drying rack and bolt it to one of the walls or to the ceiling. Pans and spatulas can be hung from it using fish hooks or curtain rings.

You can also use tabletop trays (also known as a Lazy Susan) and use them to store things ingredients like oil, spices etc. Now only will this help you organize, it will also add class to your kitchen.

Store seldom used things on top shelves or at the back of cupboards. You might want to move rarely used stuff out of the kitchen altogether.

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Use Labels

Labels are essential for organizing your kitchen. You can easily get printed labels with a sticky back or you can simply write your own labels on sticker back paper. Paste appropriate stickers on jars and containers to organize items effectively. Use different colors schemes for different types of items to locate them easily.

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Clean up

To clean shelves clean, soak a cloth in hot water, put some white vinegar on it and wipe the surface with this. Use another cloth soaked in water to wipe the grime clean once the vinegar has done its job. Finally wipe with a dry piece of cloth and watch your shelves shine. Clear out cabinet shelves and drawers, wipe clean the surface using this technique and replace the contents one by one.

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Some more tips

  • Items that might get spoiled due to heat and moisture should be kept away from the stove.
  • Sort utensils according to their sizes. This will help you locate what you need in no time.
  • Consider stashing measurement cups for sugar, flour etc within respective containers. Keep pouches of dry soup mixes, seasonings, etc. in tiny bins or baskets.
  • No organizational system is set in stone. You can always change a few steps according to your requirement; keep experimenting and adopt the method which you think is best your kitchen.

Happy organizing! Do let us know what you think, we value your feedback.

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