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The Stone Floor Care & Maintenance Guide

Everything you need to know about pre and post installation stone treatment

So you have decided to install stone floors in your new home. You are aware that natural stone floors are much more expensive than tile floors but last longer and look better. Since this will be a massive investment and you are the meticulous type, you want to know the right way to install stone and what chemicals you need to enhance the look and the life of your stone floors.

It is natural to be confused about the right kind of stone treatment because there are so many issued and options available. In this blog post we will try to simplify things for you, we will let you know the stone treatment options available in India and the brands of these chemicals and where to buy them from.

Remember that these are general guidelines for stone maintenance. Exact application depends on the type of stone that you want to install so make sure that you contact your contractor for details.

infographic showing use of stone maintenance products like sealers, desifiers, epoxy. color enhancers

Since this is going to be a massive post you can use this table of contents to navigate through the sections thought we recommend that you read the entire post.

Table of contents

Pre installation treatment

Sealers and protectors

During installation

Epoxy grout and crack fillers

Post Installation

Stone sealer & impregnators

Densifiers and hardeners


Pre installation treatment

Natural stone, especially marble and some types of granite are extremely porous and so they are susceptible to stains and dampness from all sides. This makes sealing of the stone essential especially sealing of the back side.

6 side sealer

In case of very porous sedimentary stone like marble it is advisable to apply a sealer to all sides of the stone slab so that it is protected from stains, dampness and salt leaching from all sides.

Back side protector

Porous stone is susceptible to staining from the mortal at the bottom after it has been fixed. This is called efflorescence.


Due to the porous nature of natural stone soluble salts present in water in the mortar tends to leach from the bottom because of capillary effect and forms a white chalky deposit in the surface.

In the picture below we can see the effects of efflorescence on brick. This is a house that is being constructed next to our office, observe the white salt deposits on brick because of hard water that is used for ‘tarai’ of the new construction.

efflorescence in a brick wall because of salt in water used to wet the walls

It is necessary to seal the bottom of stone using an anti efflorescence protector before laying of the stone on the mortar.

Manufacturers that offer protectors and anti salt resurfacing products in India.


This is a famous Italian chemical manufacturer founded in 1937. Their products are available in India through Truworth Homes. Two Bellinzoni products, Strong 2000 and Limesealer are suitable for back side as well as 6 side sealing for protection and for salt efflorescence protection.

You can contact Truworth homes here.

Buy Bellinzoni Limesealer, sealer for marble on


Buy Tenax pre laying protectors.


6 side sealer for stone is sold by MMC™ in India. You can find out more about the product here.


Fila surface care solutions offer a product called Fila PW10 which is a pre fixing efflorescence blocking protector. You can find the companies contact details in India here

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(Delhi & NCR ONLY)

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During installation

Epoxy grout filler (Mastic)

Grout is the gaps between two stone slabs or tiles. This needs to be filled with a filler so that dirt does not get in and the color of the stone is matched. Epoxy resin of varying consistency and colors are available for post installation filling of the gaps between slabs. Epoxy is a resin that is applied using a hand applicator known as a floater of ‘patti’ after the stone has been installed. It usually dries within 24 hours of application.

Crack filling epoxy

Natural stone slabs tend to have hairline cracks and imperfections that spoil its look so these need to be filled with epoxy. Crack filling epoxy has lower viscosity than regular grout filling epoxy so that it is able to penetrate in hairline cracks.

Manufacturers of grout and crack filling epoxy resin in India.


Mastice 2000, Thassos, Blitz, Astra 24K, Epox 2000 and Easypox  are suitable epoxy resins for grout and crack filling. Bellinzoni products are available through their dealers Truworth homes here.


Buy Tenax resin and epoxy floor products here.


Fila surface care solutions offer a product called Fila PW10 which is a pre fixing efflorescence blocking protector. You can find the companies contact details in India here


Post installation

Sealers and impregnators

Stone is porous due to presence of numerous channels and gaps in the structure. Because of this the surface gets stained easily by oils, acidic liquids like fruit juices and even by water in case of some very porous marbles. Stones that are exposed to the element are also susceptible to pitting and corrosion because of acid rain. Because of this it becomes necessary to seal the surface so that the stone is protected and maintains its look.

The best sealers, instead of forming a protective layer on the surface, penetrate into its structure filling up the pores so that stain causing liquids cannot get in. These are called penetrating or impregnation sealers which are better than sealers that form a layer on the stone because this layer can be easily removed because of people walking over the floor.

A good sealer makes the stone water repellent which can be tested by putting some water on the floor, a well sealed floor will not absorb the water. The water should break into small droplets.

Usually sealing is done as a last step during grinding and polishing of the stone as part of a new install or a floor restoration project. After the sealer is applied to the floor it is allowed to dry sometimes as long as for 24 hours and then it might be necessary to buff the floor once to remove any time of residue. However some manufacturers sell sealers that can be applied using a brush or roller on clean polished floors so this can even be done by the homeowner as long as the instructions are followed.

Where to buy stone floor sealers in India

Bellinzoni sealers

Idea gold – Sealer with natural look (no color enhancement) suitable for marble, granite, terrazo etc.

Idea HP/XC – Natural/wet look sealer suitable for marble, granite, terrazo etc. (Buy Bellinzoni XC on

Idea Dark – Sealer for dark marble, granite, terrazo etc. Special color enhancement properties for dark and black stone. It intensifies the look of the stone and even hides scratches and imperfections. (Buy Bellinzoni Idea Dark on

Idea Rapid Color – Natural color enhancer and sealer for very absorbent stones like marble, sandstone and limestone. Protects the stone from stains and gives a deep wet look. (Buy Idea Rapid Color on

AQ Proof – Sealer for non polished stones suitable for limestone, sandstone and terracotta. (Buy Bellinzoni AQ proof on

Bellinzoni products are available through their dealers Truworth homes here.


Fila surface care solutions offers sealers for polished and unpolished surfaces.

Fila MP90 Eco Plus – Stain protector for polished marble, granite and other natural stones. (Spec Sheet)

Fila FOB – Sealer for unpolished stones. (Spec Sheet)

You can find contact details of Fila in India here


Buy Tenax surface protection and sealers here.


A wide range of stone sealers are available. You can check out their range here.


Stone floors especially ones made of sedimentary stones are by nature soft and are susceptible to breakage and cracking. Sometimes it might be necessary to strengthen natural stone floors by using chemicals called densifiers or hardeners. The desifier penetrates the surface of the floor and increases the density and strengthens it. It also improves chemical resistance and also seals the floor against water and chemicals.

Where to buy floor densifiers and hardeners in India

In India desifiers are available for stone floors as well as for concrete and terrazo floors.


This company sells concrete and stone floor desifiers. You can find out more about their product here.

Surie Polex

This manufacturer sells concrete and marble floor hardeners in India.

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In addition to these floor maintenance agents there are a lot of other options for niche applications that are available in India through various manufacturers. I will try to keep this post updated with more floor care options so that you can maintain your stone floors and increase their life.

Our company Broomberg Cleaning Services offers a wide range of stone floor treatment and restoration solutions for homes and office in Delhi and NCR. You can know more about our floor restoration services on our floor restoration webpage, you can also call us on our number 8010104040 to get a free floor consultation by Amit Tomar, our floor expert.

In case you want to add something to this blog post please leave a comment and I will try to update it as soon as possible.

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