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Wardrobe Storage Ideas

We ALL go gaga over having a wardrobe that is eye candy-ic – so how do we go about it? WELL, here are 13 jaw dropping storage ideas for your wardrobe. Have a look.

Most used clothes at eye level

When a dress or a tee is kept in a more VISIBLE area of the wardrobe such as the MIDDLE SHELF, you wear it more often, don’t you? That’s exactly why you should keep your most-used clothing at eye level whereas less-used clothing may be kept at a level that is somewhat lower or higher.

Wardrobe storage ideas - store clothes at eye level

If you can’t hang em, box em!

Hangers are useless when it comes to folded clothes or odds and ends – what to do? Well, use drawers for your folded clothing or boxes for clothes that you wear once in a blue moon. For dresses or suits, hangers continue to be your savior.

Speaking of hangers, you could also use soda can tabs to hook hangers together and double your storage space in the blink of an eye.

Wardrobe storage ideas - hangers, boxes and drawers
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Get Creative

How about using umbrella stands for items such as yoga mats? Sounds creative, doesn’t it?

Wardrobe storage ideas - umbrella stands
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Store shoes where you can find them

Instead of tossing your wedges or pumps in different corners of the house, use boxes, shelves or hanging organizers to keep them in ONE place. Another creative idea could be using PVC pipes to customize your own shoe rack. These PVC pipes can also be used to store scarves as well.


Wardrobe storage ideas - hanging organizers
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On a hook

A compact and sleek hook slate can without doubt create extra storage space in your wardrobe. Not just clothes, but these hooks can also be used to hang your colorful belts.

Wardrobe storage ideas - hooks
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Color codes

How about a color coded wardrobe? Wouldn’t it save you time and effort when you are deciding what to wear?

Wardrobe storage ideas - colour code
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Identify and classify

For easy identification, use icons in your wardrobe, such as this which indicates clothes that need to go to the laundry.

Wardrobe storage ideas - icons

Tag it

You could also invest in writable tags saying ‘Formals for Meeting’ , “Formals for Parties’ to keep your wardrobe more organised.

Organize by color

How about different color hangers for different seasons? Blue for summer? Red for autumn?

Wardrobe storage ideas - hangers
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Some creative tips

Use skirt-pant hangers to keep your leather boots off the floor.

Use old show pieces to flaunt your precious jewelry.

Wardrobe storage ideas - old show pieces
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Use a magnetic strip to keep your bobby clips in place.

For your cotton or woolen socks, use common laundry clips

Wardrobe storage ideas - clips
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Other Useful Wardrobe Storage Tips

  1. To save on space, keep off season clothes out of the way
  2. To prevent hanger bumps, FOLD all your knitted clothes
  3. If you use open shelves, don’t stack your clothes so high that they tumble all the way down
  4. Stuff handbags with tissue paper to keep them in shape
  5. Instead of hanging your hand bags, place them on shelves – this way the handles won’t stretch out

Like the ideas? Have more? Comment and let us know 🙂

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