How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Floors?

A wooden floor looks swanky but a thousand issues come up, as anyone who has a wooden floor at their home would know. Abnormal cracks, stains, dents, discolouration, roughness are some of the issues that plague wooden floors.

Here are some useful tips on wooden floor maintenance – hardwood  as well as laminated.

Wooden Floor Maintenance Tips

Hardwood Flooring

Stained wooden floor
Image Credits: Flickr

Tips to maintain your hardwood floor:

  1. Sweep with a soft bristle broom or dust with a dry microfiber mop.
  2. If the floor has bevelled edges, vacuum it to remove dust from between the floorboards.
  3. Clean the floors periodically with a professional wood floor cleaning product recommended by a wood flooring professional.

Here is an easy schedule for you to follow:

  • Daily – Sweep or dust & mop
  • Weekly – Vacuum using bare floor settings
  • Monthly – Clean using a suitable floor cleaner
  • Yearly–  Get your floors buffed by calling a cleaning company

Floor Scrubbing Service

Laminate Flooring

Even though laminate floors imitates the look of wood or stone, the cleaning and maintaining process are very different from that of wooden floors.

Laminated wooden floors
Image Credits: Wikipedia

Procedure to clean and maintain laminate flooring:

  1. Dry mop and vacuum the floor thoroughly.
  2. Prepare cleaner mix: vinegar and water in equal parts.
  3. Now, wet mop the floor, and dry it quickly.
  4. Spray the laminate floor cleaner (the mixture which you just made) on the stained parts of the floor, which needs better cleaning and then wipe off immediately.

Important Advice: Never use wood polish on your laminate floor because it will dull the finish and make it slippery.

Common Stains on Wooden Floors

  • Water spills
  • Continuous exposure to water that leads to decay
  • Urine stains from pets and wet diapers
  • Scratches due to metal chair legs
  • Improper maintenance with water or harsh chemicals
  • Light deprivation under area rugs, large low furniture
  • Oil/Soap residue.

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