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Everything You Need to Know About Wall Texture Paint

Wall textures are in rage because they are an easy way to dress up your walls so that they look good. I was pretty confused about wall textures and wall texture designs and so I spent a week doing some research so that I could write this exhaustive guide.

I was helped by my colleague Amit Tanwar who is an operations manager with Broomberg® Service’s Painting Division has worked with Asian Paints and has a lot of knowledge about home painting and also knows a lot about textures.

So I proudly present this awesome guide on wall textures. I decided to structure this in question and answer format so that all your questions can be answered. You can read the entire article of read use the navigation to browse.

All your questions about wall textures answered

Why get wall texture done?

What are wall textures?

How are texture paints different?

What are popular wall texture designs?

How are wall textures created?

Where can I browse latest Asian Paints wall texture designs?


paint texture on a home wall in blue color
Paint Textures Make Your Home Look Awesome

Why Wall Texture Paint?

Because plain walls are so passe. Getting one color on your walls and painting your roof white used to be the standard some years ago but times are changing. People are looking for a change and there is no better way than to make your walls come alive than wall texture paint.

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What are wall textures?

Textures are special effects for walls. Using special texture paint and tools, well trained painters create these patterns on your walls.

Generally speaking there are three steps to creating a texture.

  1. Prepare a suitable base using putty application and primer.
  2. Apply base coat of paint.
  3. Apply the special texture paint or paints
  4. Create a texture effect using the required tool. Tools can be brushes, sponges, spatulas and even special texture rollers
Broomberg Painter Creating the Infinitex Breeze Texture Using a Brush Using Royal Play Infinitex Top Coat
Broomberg Painter Creating the Infinitex Breeze Texture Using a Brush Using Royal Play Infinitex Top Coat

Using a combination of base coat shades and top coat colors and types different looks can be made of the same texture.

If you are confused, don’t worry. I have added actual videos in the ‘How textures are made section” of this blog so that the steps become absolutely clear.

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How are texture paints different?

Texture paints are different from plain paints in terms of the colors and the consistency. Amit tells me that texture paints are denser and more pigment like so that they can create amazing effects.

Most paint companies offer a line of textured paints. In case of Asian Paints this range of texture paints is known as Royale Play. At the moment there are eight paints in this range that can be used to create different textures.

a can of royale play dune on the left and royale play special effects side by side
Royale Play Dune & Royale Play Special Effects Paints. Notice the Metallic Tint and consistency

Amit showed me cans of Royale Paint Dune and Royale Special Effects. I noticed that the paint was different from plain paints, the consistency was different and there was a metallic shine especially in the Royale Play Dune paint. Remember that when I say texture paint I mean the top coat and not the base coat. In case of Asian Paint textures it is recommended by the company to use Royale Luxury Emulsion as the base coat. The base coat should be dried for the prescribed time (12 or 24 hours) before the top coat can be applied.

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What are popular wall texture designs?

According to Amit, here are some popular wall texture designs.

Evergreen texture designs

  • Krinkle
  • Spatula
  • Ragging
  • Sponging

Latest wall texture designs

  • Canvas
  • Fizz
  • Sea shell
  • Brushing

Premium texture designs

These are latest wall texture designs by Asian Paints that are in the premium category

  • Antico
  • Infinitex
  • Stucco

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How are wall textures created?

There are various techniques and tools that are used to create textures. As mentioned earlier, a base coat is applied, allowed to dry and then a desired top coat is applied which is textured using different tools and techniques.

The best way to understand this is by watching videos of textures being made. The Asian Paints Sri Lanka Youtube channel has a lot of videos of textures being created so I have embedded some videos that will make it easy for you to understand how textures are made.

How Asian Paints Krinkle Texture is made

How Asian Paints Spatula texture design is made

How Asian Paints Fizz texture is made

Royale Stucco Texture

I found this video on the Berger Paints Arabia Youtube Channel. Apparently there is some kind of a collaboration between Asian Paints and Berger Paints abroad so that Berger offers the Royale Range of texture paints. Please note that some brand names and application process may be different from how it is done in India. I have added this video so that you guys can get an idea how this latest texture is created.

How Royale Play Canvas texture effect is created

I hope you get the general idea how textures are made.

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Where can I browse latest Asian Paints wall texture designs?

I have to admit that it is a bit difficult to locate the latest Asian Paints texture design catalog. It is kind of hidden on the website and might be confusing to use. But don’t worry, I have spent a lot of time looking at this so that you do not have to.

How to use the catalog

The catalog lists the available Asian Paints texture range along with the design variations and the shades available. You also get information about the type and shade of paint that need sto be used for the topcoat.

Refer to the screenshot below.

Steps to Use the Asian Paints Texture Catalog
Steps to Use the Asian Paints Texture Catalog

Click to access the Asian Paints Texture Catalog

Asian paints also keeps releasing latest texture designs every few months. Most paint shops have these catalogs and some are even available on the Asian Paints website

Here are some latest catalogs that I found. (Clicking on the links will open the PDF catalogs in a new window)

Royale Play Neu Catalog 2017

Royale Play Collection 2016

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I hope this information is useful. Remember that my company Broomberg® Services offers expert painting services in Delhi and NCR. We specialize in creating the latest wall texture designs and our painters are well trained and reliable. You can get in touch with us on 8010104040 and we would be happy to give you a painting quotation.

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