marble floor cleaners reviewed

Marble Floor Cleaner Review

Best marble floor cleaner revealed

Marble floors are pretty common and that is why many of our customers ask us to recommend the best marble floor cleaner available. We decided to do review marble cleaning products that are readily available in Delhi and NCR to decide the best marble cleaning product.

The problem with Marble

White marble looks pretty and grand but there is a big problem. Marble is porous and so has an undesirable ability to absorb liquids and dust. This is the reason why marble floors get dirty very easily and can be stained by almost anything. Since marble is mainly calcium carbonate, marble cleaning agents cannot be acidic.

Marble cleaning products tested

We tested 4 products available in the market. Lizol and Domex are general purpose floor cleaners. The third, Pine Sol, is a multi-surface cleaner while the fourth product, Run Away was marked as a specialized cleaner for marble floors.

Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner

Lizol is a Reckitt Benckiser product that is mainly marketed as a disinfectant for all surfaces.  The label says that the product is safe for use on all types of floors including marble.

Domex Floor Cleaner

Domex is marketed by Unilever as a general purpose floor and surface cleaner. The label did not say if the product is safe for marble so we called their toll free number (yes, they have a toll free number and a help email id) and the customer service rep assured us that this product was indeed safe for marble floors.

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Floor polishing services

Pine-sol multi-surface cleaner

Pine-sol is an imported product that is manufactured by the Clorox company in the United States. This product was recommended to Priyasha, our intern, who did primary research for the blog by a shopkeeper who was kind enough to give a demo on the Italian marble floor of his store. I was not too sure if this cleaner was safe for marble floors so I posted a query on their website contact page to which they replied promptly assuring us that it was indeed safe. I also looked at the material safety data sheet of the product and found out that its pH is 10-11 which makes it alkaline and hence safe for marble.

RunAway floor & marble cleaner

Manufactured by VM products, this was the only product available in powder form and was marketed as a marble floor cleaner. According to instructions, for day to day cleaning of floors you need to dissolve 2 measured scoops of the powder in half a bucket of pocha water. For removing stains, the powder should be sprinkled on wet marble and the area scrubbed for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing.

spot testing marble floor cleaners for safety
Spot testing marble floor cleaners

We decided to put these four marble floor cleaners to the test on our washroom floor. But first, it was necessary to do a safety test which should be done every time you try a new cleaning agent on any surface. The trick is to try out the cleaning agent on a small surface. We took a piece of marble, put a small amount of cleaning agent on it, left it on for a few days and checked to see if there was any discoloration or corrosion. All four marble floor cleaners passed the test and so we decided to compare them by actually testing them on a really dirty floor.

The test

This is what a patch of marble floor looked like in our bathroom.

marble floor patch to test marble floor cleaners

We asked expert cleaner Sunil to help us test the products by cleaning a patch of the floor and give his verdict on which is the best floor cleaner for marble based on the effectiveness of cleaning and the effort required. Since these were tough brown water stains, Sunil used the cleaners in undiluted form and scrubbed the surface thoroughly.

testing marble floor cleaner

This is what the patches looked life after they had been cleaned. I marked the patches to keep track of which one was being used

marble floor cleaners tested
Comparing effectiveness of marble floor cleaners

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The verdict

All four marble floor cleaners were pretty good at cleaning water and dust stains from the marble floor. However, Run Away marble and floor cleaner outperformed the other three by a wide margin. Here is how Sunil rated the products.marble floor cleaner rated

Run Away scored the highest, 16/20 followed by Lizol and Pine- Sol which were tied at 13 followed by Domex which scored 12 out of 20.

So there it is folks. The best marble floor cleaner according to our test is Run Away marble and floor cleaner followed by Pine-Sol multi-surface cleaner and Lizol floor cleaner. Feel free to comment and let us know if you know if you have used any of these products to clean marble floors and your experience.

In case your floor has lost its shine and you are unable to clean it using marble floor cleaners, the best option is to hire our professional floor grinding services. You can also read a blog about how floor grinding and polishing is done.

With inputs from: Priyasha Banerjee

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  1. modern cleaning

    I didn’t know that I could use those things for cleaning marble. I had wasted my money by buying those expensive products to clean marble.

    But after reading this post i guess i could regular cleaner.

  2. Some stains and certain marbles can’t be cleaned up with just these products though. Last year, when I moved into a rental apartment, the bathroom tiles were blackened and slippery. We tried everything to at least get rid of that slimy surface, but it was years of water damage and improper care. Finally, I got this product cera clean by Roff, which was highly recommended on many internet forums and the grease build up started to disappear. I use that regularly now to make sure the tiles don’t get messy again.

    • You are correct Arti. However Roff is good for tiles but not for porous stone surfaces as it is Acidic. We have tried Roff on tiles and hard stone and it works really well but for Marble use a non acidic floor cleaner.

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