Domex Toilet Cleaner Review

Using Domex Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning a toilet is a one of life’s less pleasant task. This task usually gets postponed, but it’s quite important to keep toilets clean. A dirty toilet not only looks bad and emits foul odor but is also a center for breeding germs. To combat this issue, one needs a toilet cleaner which smells fresh, is effective in cleaning & killing germs and is easy to use.

One day, I came across Domex Toilet Cleaner advertisement and found that this product matches my requirements. So without any further ado, I went to buy this from my local grocery store.

Price & Design

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It costed me Rs 74 for a bottle of 500ml. It lies in decent range of pricing as usually toilet cleaning products vary between range Rs 60-80. I find it neither too expensive nor too cheap.

It is affordable for the average Indian household. Also the design and style of the packaging is pretty decent. The bottle has strong plastic.

Use & Fragrance

I found Domex Toilet Cleaner easy to use. It has a simple open cap and applicator includes nozzle which makes it easy to apply on the dirty area.

But its smell is quite strong and pungent. Maybe because it contains bleach. I personally prefer products with mild fragrance.

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Toilet Cleaning

My Experience

I used it on a white toilet which gets dirty quickly. I applied it generously on it and left it for 5-10 minutes. And then washed it off with water. The result was as expected, the toilet got cleaner and shinier. I believe that it is effective in killing off the germs as it contains bleach as one of the ingredient. You can see the result below in the pictures.

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My Review

Domex toilet cleaner is cost effective, easy to apply, efficiently cleans and kills the germs and other disease causing microorganisms. Below is my Overall Rating.

Domex Toilet Cleaner Rating

Ease of Use
Availability in India

Overall Rating

User Rating: 3.15 ( 1 votes)

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