airvisual node air quality monitor review

Indoor Air Quality Monitor Review (India)

Indoor Air Quality Monitor Review (India)

AirVisual Node is an indoor air quality monitor that is marketed in India by Atlanta Healthcare. This advance monitor uses sensors, laser technology and artificial intelligence to monitor indoor air quality. It enables you to smartly monitor and forecast air pollution conditions in and around your home and take action when needed.

With pollution on the rise, breathing in contaminated air can pose serious health problems. In such a situation, a device that can make us aware of the quality of the air that surrounds us will be of immense help.

Atlanta Healthcare lent us an AirVisual Node air quality monitor and I tested it to find out how it can be helpful not just to people with breathing diseases but to anyone who is health conscious.

AirVisual Node a white air quality monitoring device displaying indoor and outdoor CO2 levels with AQI on the top and graphs at the bottom of the screen
AirVisual Node


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  3. Our Experience
  4. How will it benefit you?
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AirVisual Node has a whitecompact body with a 5’’inch wide display. It has four buttons at the top and a USB slot for charging at the back.

The shape and weight makes it easy to handle and carry. The surface is easy to clean and the device will blend aesthetically with the surroundings.

AirVisual Node displaying indoor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity and AQI on the top of the screen
A White Compact Body


back view of AirVisual Node showing its four buttons placed on the top, usb port on the back side and a glimpse of its PM2.5 sensor
Back view of AirVisual Node


  • Displays real-time Carbon dioxide, Air Quality Index, Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5 levels in the air using multiple screen display.
AirVisual Node screen displaying indoor and outdoor AQI along with CO2 levels, humidity levels and temperature.
Indoor-Outdoor AQI Screen Shows the AQI Levels Indoors Compared to the Nearest Air Quality Monitoring Station


AirVisual Node displaying indoor CO2 levels, temperature, humidity and AQI on the top of the screen
CO2 Levels Screen


AirVisual Node displaying three days forecast of AQI and weather along with current indoor-outdoor AQI.
AQI and Weather Forecast Screen Helps Plan Your Activities For the Next 3 Days


AirVisual Node displaying date, time, battery level, wifi connectivity and suggestions to improve air quality
Alerts and Suggestions Screen


  • Colored icons used for easy understanding and convenience.
AirVisual Node screen displaying meaning of a green colored icon
Green Colored Icon, indicator of good air quality


AirVisual Node screen displaying meaning of a purple colored icon
Purple Colored Icon Indicates Poor Air Quality


  • Connects to Wi-Fi to display outdoor air quality jointly with the indoor air quality.
AirVisual Node settings menu displaying wifi connectivity, battery level and various settings options on the side
Settings Menu


  • Gives suggestions to help improve air quality and alerts in case of worsening air quality.
AirVisual Node screen displaying meaning of alerts and suggestions icons
Alerts and Suggestions to improve air quality


  • Provides air quality and weather forecasts up to 3 days in advance.
  • Syncs to AirVisual phone app for easy access.


AirVisual app showing Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality
App showing Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality


  • Stores the data to create graphs to review changes over time.
  • The sensor functions with or without an internet connection.
  • USB charging with a good battery back up.

Our Experience

To test what this device can do, how it can be of use and how reliable and efficient it is, we subjected it to different indoor conditions at our office and took pictures.

The device displays the Air Quality Index level inside the house and the CO2 level.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

In simple words the AQI is an index of air quality. It is calculated for major pollutants like particulate pollutants, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide and Sulphur Dioxide. However, this monitor measures the PM2.5 or particulate pollutant concentration in the indoor air.

Air quality condition between 0 to 50 is deemed good, between 51 to 100 Moderate and above 101 is considered unhealthy.

We were quite concerned that the air quality level was between moderate and unhealthy for a week that we monitored the quality of air in the room.

a regular day pollution and CO2 level indicated by airvisual node air quality monitor
Pollution Levels on a Regular Delhi Day


Maybe it is time to bug the boss to buy us an air purifier. 🙂

I asked my manager to test the device and he put it in a room in the office where a party was in full swing (After office working hours of course) . Needless to say, several people were smoking. During the course of the evening the AQI level reached worrying levels. He took a picture of the readings and they were quite bad to say the least.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor showing final higher CO2 level after smoking
Alarming AQI levels and CO2 which proves that smoking is indeed quite injurious to health

The AQI (Air Quality Index) worsened from a moderate 70 to hazardous level of 953 with PM2.5 levels escalated from moderate levels to extremely high levels of 1185 micro grams per meter cube.

Co2 Levels

The Device measures the CO2 level which also remained in the moderate (orange) state almost every time. Our room in office is not that big and sometimes there are a lot of people in it. The doors and windows are of course kept closed because of the air conditioner.

One day there were 4 people in the room and the level was at 1298. Another 2 people walked in and we observed the initial and final Co2 levels.

AirVisual Node CO2 screen displaying lower CO2 levels
Initial CO2 Level With 4 People in Our Room at Office


AirVisual Node CO2 screen displaying high CO2 levels
CO2 levels with 6 People in the Room


The already high level 1298 of CO2 due to many people in the room, further increased to 1497 when more people entered. 

We immediately ventilated the room by opening the door and a window and sure enough, the air quality monitor showed us a reduction in the CO2 levels in the room.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor displaying moderate CO2 levels of 995 before ventilation
Tolerable CO2 Levels After the Room Was Ventilated


How Will It Benefit You?

This device is of immense benefit to people with medical conditions, particularly breathing disorders like asthma and lung cancer, which necessitate frequent monitoring of the air quality to avoid discomfort.

In a general household, the indoor air quality monitor can make you progressively aware about the home air standards and at the same time assist you via alerts and suggestions to enhance your home environment.

Furthermore, it will be of service in answering certain questions like – Do I need an air purifier for my home? When should I turn it the air purifier on? When does the room need ventilation? Should I keep more plants to refine air quality?

The monitor also displays outdoor air quality and weather forecasts for 3 days in advance, thereby allowing you to take precautions proactively. So, when you think – “Do i need a pollution mask when I go outdoors?“, look at the forecast and you will exactly know what to do.

You can check out our massive anti pollution mask buying guide to help you decide what mask to buy in case you need one.

The AirVisual app further simplifies monitoring. You could be in any part of your house and still observe the monitor readings on your phone, hassle-free.

Both the monitor and the phone app show the data history for CO2, Temperature, Humidity levels and AQI. This can help  you compare the extent to which different measures taken helped improve air quality and give you an insight into best way to improve it.

Certain Demerits

Although the monitor is quite useful it falls in the higher price bracket. We talked to Atlanta Healthcare over the price of the product and learnt that when factoring features like the number of sensors (including an expensive  CO2 sensor), its accuracy, wifi functionality and other smart features, the price of this air quality monitor is fairly reasonable as compared to other air quality monitors available in the market.

The device has no touch display which makes certain functions like putting in the wifi password difficult.

Finally, continuous measurement of air quality might make people anxious.

Would I recommend it?

For people with health conditions like asthma, COPD, high blood pressure, lung cancer etc. which necessitates the presence of such a device, AirVisual Node is a smart choice, regardless of the cost.

It would be of great use in hospitals which treat numerous patients with breathing disorders everyday.

For an average household it is both expensive and may trigger uneasiness due to increased awareness. Instead, one can either invest in an air purifier or  undertake other measures like keeping green plants and home or office deep cleaning which help in improvement of air quality.

AirVisual Node Review

Ease of use


User Rating: 3.65 ( 1 votes)

If you wish to be aware to the air quality around you and want to take steps to breath pure air, indoor air quality monitor AirVisual Node is a worthy choice. Buy here on Amazon.

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