Kent UV Bed Cleaner

Kent UV Bed Cleaner [Product Review]

Don’t you hate sleeping on a dusty mattress? And how cleaning a mattress, is an absolute PAIN?

A UV Bed Cleaner is a unique product you need to know about

Mattress cleaning & maintenance can be a tedious task if you don’t have the resources and the expertise. There are some products available in the market which can help you in coping with this problem. A UV Bed cleaner is one such product which kills the Dust Mites/Bed Bugs living in your mattress with Ultra Violet Rays.

Here is a review of one such product which aims to combat this issue.

Our Review: Kent UV Bed Cleaner


Kent UV Bed Cleaner
Kent UV Bed Cleaner


Kent bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner is one of the premium products available in the market which serves multiple purposes like cleaning and sterilizing your mattresses, sofas, curtains, pillows, cushions etc.  Kent RO Systems, an Indian healthcare products company with it’s headquarter in Noida, Uttar Pradesh,  is the parent company which came up with this product. Over the years the company has diversified into other products such as air purifiers, mattress cleaners, vegetable and fruit purifiers and water softeners.

Features of Kent UV Bed Cleaner

The Kent bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner have many unique features that distinguish it from other products in the market. The features that the company claims are:-

  • Kills micro-organisms (Bacteria, virus, fungus, etc) and disinfects your Mattress
  • 100% chemical free
  • Kills bedbugs
  • Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Highly efficient HEPA filter reduces air pollution, due to lower dust and particulate matter discharge
  • UV light disinfection removes bacteria, dust mites, and molds from the bed and upholstery
  • Lightweight and easy to operate

Demo at Doorstep

We booked an appointment with Kent for a demo and the team was gracious enough to provide a free demo.

The representative reached on time and provided us with a demo of this unique product. The actual box is quite informative and provides all the basic information and safety measures of the product.

Kent UV Bed Cleaner

Kent UV Bed Cleaner

The device itself is quite compact and is easily manageable. The build quality is premium and the device is easy to use.

Kent UV Bed Cleaner
Kent UV Bed Cleaner

Our Experience

The device has 3 options and worked seamlessly but it was not clear how the device was actually cleaning the mattress. The final outcome was indifferent from the beginning as no visible difference could be spotted in the mattress. The representative claimed to have killed all the bugs and viruses but we couldn’t spot any difference with our naked eyes. To our surprise, he explained that in order to prove that the mattress was bacteria free it had to be taken to the lab for testing. It was outrageous.

Our take if it should be Purchased or Not

We believe that the product Kent UV Bed Cleaner is a bit costly (Buy here from amazon) for the average Indian customer.

The conventional ways are still prevalent in the households. The final outcome of the Kent bed and upholstery vacuum was not satisfying. The representative explained that the mattress has to be taken to the lab to check whether it is bacteria free.

So, according to us, the product is not meant for the average Indian household. But overall, if the cost does not matter to the customer, then this Product would be a good option to them.

Kent Bed Cleaner Review

Easy to Use
Cost Effective

The device is handy and manageable but is not cost effective.

User Rating: 3.07 ( 3 votes)

Other Alternatives

If you really want your mattress to be super clean without using this costly product then Try Professional Cleaners who come and clean your mattress at the doorstep – Broomberg Mattress Cleaning Service.

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