Vanish Stain Remover [Product Review]

“Vanish”- An easy way to remove stains

Vanish stain remover
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As a mother of two kids and also being a working woman, it’s a tough task for me to make my children learn how to keep their clothes clean. Like all mothers, I don’t want to be a hindrance in my child’s growth but I was tired of the tough stains. The detergent powder was not enough to remove stains properly. One of my friends suggested me to try vanish stain remover. I was not sure but as I was worried about the tough stains and thought of considering it once.

Now, it was time to do my job of removing stains. Though, I had watched the ads of “Vanish” while watching TV serials but never thought that it can be a solution to my problem. This time when I went to the grocery store near my place in Delhi and saw Vanish stain remover, I thought of trying it. It could be a solution to my problem but I didn’t want to waste my money as every detergent promises the same. So, I bought the smallest packet which costs Rs.52 and it had 5 small packets inside it.


I picked a piece of cloth and I spilled some Ketchup on it to conduct my Product Review experiment.

Vanish stain remover

Take some warm water or Heat some water on the stove itself, as I did.

Vanish stain remover

Put half teaspoon of vanish powder in water.

Vanish stain remover

Mix the solution properly.

Vanish stain remover

Put the stained cloth inside the solution and let it rest for about 5 minutes.

Vanish stain remover

Take out the cloth and rub gently.

Vanish stain remover

Voila! the stains are gone.

Ketchup stained cloth (After)

Vanish stain remover


♦ For tough stains, first follow the above steps and then wash it with the detergent. I am sure, you will be amazed by the results.

I would give 4/5 stars to vanish. Vanish is my new rescuer. Thank you, Vanish.

Easy to Use
Trusted Brand
Would I recommend ?

I would recommend vanish to every lady as it is the most trusted stain remover.

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Is it that simple? The answer is yes, it is. Now you can get rid of any obstinate stain easily in one or two minutes.

“Vanish” is such a relief for any mother who doesn’t want to stop her child’s development just because of the fear of stains.

Say goodbye to vigorous rubbing and say hello to Vanish.

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