How to Remove Permanent Marker Stains?

Whether you want to scribble Graffiti on mugs, write container labels or you want to cheer up a friend who broke his arm by writing a message on his plaster cast – you have to use permanent markers and risk staining your clothes. Now a permanent marker is called ‘permanent’ for a reason! Here is the ULTIMATE guide on how to remove permanent marker stains.


Regular clothes

For permanent marker stain removal from regular clothes, it would be a wise option to use citrus juice. Citrus juice such as lime juice must be directly applied on the stain and then dabbed in using a cotton ball until the stain disappears. For more fragile fabrics, dilute the citrus juice to half strength with water first.

How to remove permanent marker stains- citrus juice
Citrus juice from lemons may be used to remove stains from regular clothes. Image credits Stevepb via

White fabric

If you spot a marker stain on white fabric, use bleach to get rid of it. You should start by diluting a small amount of bleach in water and then dipping the stained part of the fabric into the solution. The stain should come off immediately and if it doesn’t, you might have to soak it. While soaking, keep your eyes open and ensure that the bleach doesn’t begin to dissolve. Once the stain has disappeared, wash the cloth like normal.

How to remove permanent marker stains - bleach
A white base shirt inked with permanent marker. Image credits Courtney Rhodes via Wikihow

Satin Clothes

For permanent marker stain removal from satin clothes, use a mixture of vinegar, milk, borax and lemon juice. Make a mixture of these 4 items (one tbsp. each) and directly apply it to the stain and let it set for 10 minutes. Once you’re done with this, pick up a clean and dampened sponge and dab it on the fabric until the stain comes off.

How to remove permanent marker stains from satin clothes
Image credits Stux via

Sturdy Fabrics

For permanent marker stains on sturdy fabrics such as towels, use alcohol or acetone. Wet a ball of cotton with acetone or rubbing alcohol and dab it on the stain until it vanishes. Once the stain has come off, wash the cloth immediately.

 Permanent marker stains from sturdy fabrics can be removed by rubbing alcohol

Image credits TanteTati via


To remove permanent marker stains from carpets, pour alcohol on a clean cloth and dab it on the carpet stain until the stain lifts off. Alternatively, spray a small amount of hairspray on the stain and use a clean towel to dab away the stain. Once the stain has been removed satisfactorily, dampen the carpet with water and then use a clean towel to blot dry.

how to remove permanent stains from carpets
Image credits Pezibear via

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