Rust Stains on different surfaces

How to Remove Rust Stains

We all get rusty once in a while. But there is nothing that can’t be fixed with some love and some jazz 😉

In this article, we will acquaint you with various household and professional products that can be used to remove rust stains from various surfaces.

Remove Rust Stain from Clothes

Some DIY techniques to help you remove rust stains from clothes yourself.

Lemon Juice

The easiest method to remove rust stains from clothes is using the readily available item – lemon. Pour the freshly squeezed lemon juice directly on the rust stain. Let it be soaked by the cloth for 10-15 mins. The rust stain will start fading after some time. Wash the cloth with water to remove remnants of the stain and then launder it as usual.

Freshly Cut lemon
Squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice (Image Credits pixabay)

White Vinegar

Place the stained cloth on a dry towel. Pour white vinegar directly on the stain and make sure to cover it completely. Let it stay for around half an hour and then rinse thoroughly using the usual laundering method. Leave the cloth in sunlight for sometime.

Salt and Lemon Juice

Make a mixture of salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply the paste on the rust stain. Place the cloth in sunlight and let it stay until the stain is completely removed. In case, a hint of the stain is still present, repeat the same process again to remove the rust stain completely. Then, rinse the cloth thoroughly.

salt and lemon juice to remove rust stains
Salt and Lemon juice (Image Credits flickr)

Remove Rust Stains from Tiles

We used a Rust Stain Remover by Bellinzoni and tested it on a marble floor. Apply the product directly on the stain and let it stay for sometime while the applied product becomes violet. Scrub the floor after sometime with water to obtain a spotless stain free marble floor.

rust stain on a marble floor
Rust Stain on the floor
Apply Rust Stain Remover to remove stain
Apply Rust Stain Remover
rust stain removed after using Rust Stain Remover
Rust Stain Removed

Remove Rust Stains from Taps

We used the Rust Stain Remover by Bellinzoni for removing old rust stains from taps in the kitchen. Apply the product directly on the stain. Remember to always wear gloves while applying it to protect the skin from irritation. Wait for the applied product to turn violet and then rinse using water. For older stains, let the product stay for a longer time. In case, hints of the stain are still present, repeat the process again.

rust stains on tap
Rust Stains on Taps
applying Rust Stain Remove to remove the stain
Applying Rust Stain Remover
leave the stain remover for 5 mins
Leave it for 5 mins
stains removed from the tap after using Rust Stain Remover
After using the Stain Remover

Comment below and share with us ways to remove rust stains from clothes and other surfaces.

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