ho wto remove haldi stains from clothes

How To Remove Haldi Stains From Clothes

Turmeric stain removal technique that actually works

We’re all foodies here at Broomberg. We like our shahi paneer from Sanjha Chuhla. We absolutely love the taste and smell of butter chicken and everything else that is curry. What we don’t like, what drives the OCD in us to frightening heights, is when delicious haldi flavored (and colored) curry drizzles down the new white shirt we recently purchased. (as owners of a new company, we wear a lot of white. It is the secret to success, our mothers tell us.)

Turmeric, or haldi, stain removal is one tough job. It is is the mass-murdering mafia overlord of all stains. This is because curcumin, the active pigment in turmeric, is satanically sinister and on a mission to make you bleed tears of utter frustration. Here is Broomberg’s three-step process to remove haldi stains from clothes. Read on if you want to slay that haldi demon and laugh maniacally in its face as it dies a slow, painful death.

Steps To Follow

  1. Scratch it out, and do it fast: As soon as the stain occurs, remove the item of clothing if you want to salvage it. Hurry up! Curcumin is not water-soluble, so things are about to get really annoying. Turn the article of clothing inside out and pre-treat the stain with dish soap. Start by rubbing along the edges to prevent the haldi stain from spreading. Now move towards the heart of the turmeric stain. Make sure to do this inside out so as to push the stain towards the outside.
  2. Bring out the heavy guns: Soak the haldi stained cloth in a mixture of 1 cup vinegar, a little dish soap and 1.5 cups water. Let it sit for around 15­–20 minutes. After soaking the fabric in the vinegar-dish-soap-water mixture, wring it out and hand-wash with detergent or send it for a spin in the washing machine.
  3. The coup de grâce courtesy our good friend, the Sun: Dry in sunlight; the sun’s powerful rays will help the stain fade out faster.

For especially tough curry stains on clothes, repeat these steps till you achieve great success. Remember, you are a soldier and that haldi stain is hurting your nation.

That’s it. In all likelihood, the stain that was the reason for your untold despair is now history. Time to rejoice and feel victorious. You really have won the battle.

Quick Video

Here’s a video for a quick overview of all the steps to be taken to get rid of Haldi Stains from your clothes.

P.S.- We have tried and tested this ourselves and its works like magic!

Let us know if it works well for you too.

The Perfunctory Statutory Warning:

Some stains are permanent, especially in the case of stains that are left untreated for too long. Spending too much time treating the stain (and doing this over and over because that stain must go even if it kills you) may weaken the fabric, so exercise caution. We know you’ll take our hyperbole with a pinch of common sense.


  1. Limaraina Alfonso

    I’ve gotten turmeric stains on one of my earrings, the material is painted metal, and it’s painted white, need to get the stains out asap!

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