How to clean up home before baby arrives

How to clean your home before newborn arrives

If you are a woman giving birth, congratulations are in order. Motherhood is the ultimate life-altering experience full of joy and challenges. A transition is going to take place. You will soon no longer be the center of your own universe; someone special is going to take your place. You spend most of the day thinking about your delicate newborn. We know that you are also a bit worried. It’s natural.

We aren’t Infant care expert, we are however pretty good at cleaning homes and can confidently give you home cleaning advise to prepare for the baby. So here are some cleanliness related things to do before a baby is born.

New born babies are quite vulnerable. They can face various medical problems if some important things are not taken care of. A clean, germ-free home is of course a prior.

So here is how to clean your home before a baby is born

The first thing you need to do is deep clean your house. You cannot get away by saying that you have a regular maid who cleans your home daily and that is all the cleaning you will ever need. Remember we said deep cleaning; maids usually do a superficial job and often ignore critical areas in your home.

Clean all surfaces that the baby might come in contact with, this includes toys, bottles, bed sheets, mobile phones, etc. You have no idea who has touched, sneezed on, or coughed on them; you would not want your bundle of joy to catch a bug, right. Simply take a mixture of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on a clean cloth. Use this cloth to clean each surface and wipe dry with a dry towel. In case of electronic items like mobile phones, use rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol, available at any chemist) to scrub the surface.

The baby’s room should be given special attention. It must be kept safe from dirt, dust and even noise. New clothes that you have bought for the baby should be washed before they are worn for the first time to get rid of unwanted contamination.

Get the Air conditioner and Air ducts cleaned to get rid of bacteria that might be harmful for the baby.  It will improve the indoor air quality and help prevent disease.

It would also be a good idea to get your home professionally cleaned before the baby arrives. There are several companies who do special baby clean ups and clean up places that you though never even existed!

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