How to prepare your home for a wedding

How to make your home wedding ready?

If there is one thing that a Desi Shaadi can guarantee, it is the herd of guests at your place. Afraid of a chaotic scene that can happen at your home? You better be. They are coming! And with just a dozen excited children.

All the lehengas/sherwanis have been bought, salon visits duly attended, sangeet dance moves at your fingertips! You are wedding ready. But is your home wedding ready? Wondering what to do?

6 Step Rescue Guide: How to make your home wedding ready

1. Get Organized

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Decide on a budget and allocate it accordingly to Catering, Decorations, Bedding and other major arrangements. Grab a pen and keep note down all your big and petty expenses. If you are the Corporate type, create an excel sheet for the same.  Systematization and recording of disbursements will help you keep track of where all the money is going and going overboard.

2. Clean, Clean, Clean!

Nothing makes a house guest more happy than a squeaky clean home. As Laxmi Ma puts up the “clean up first” condition for Diwali, so does Shaadi ke mehmaan. You don’t want to welcome your guests into a filth-filled home. Do you?

What all needs to be cleaned? Kitchen, Bathroom(FRESH TOWELS are a must), Floor, Cupboards, Sofa and yes Carpets! Well we have a series of blogs here on cleaning every nook and corner of your house.

Much on you mind? Pre wedding shopping, salon visits, photo shoot? Of course yes. We love what you might not or what may even slip from your mind. It is a good idea to get your home professionally cleaned, click here to hire  Professional Cleaning Services for your wedding  at FLAT 25% OFF

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Home Cleaning make your home wedding ready

3. Home Pretty Home

The one sure shot way to revamp the look of your home is to get it painted before the wedding. Try our professional painting services (Delhi-NCR) to experience on time, premium quality, hassle-free service. Do not rely on a local thekedaar for this!


All that the gossip mongers will notice are your home decorations. Do book a florist asap if you still have not. The good ones get booked many months in advance. Check this out for all your home decoration doodah: MyAffairs

And oh! Lights. How would your entire neighborhood know that you have a wedding in the family. Tea lights, lanterns, twinkle lights, lamps…GET THEM ALL!

4. Food, Lots of It

You want to feed your guests and feed them well. Get a food caterer who has been tried and tested recently. You do not want grumpy faces in your house functions. Stuff their mouths with loads of mithais and other Indian wedding goodies. Since it is the winter wedding season now, I would suggest a BBQ set up at home for snacks where you can welcome everybody to help themselves.

5. Accommodation & Transport

Spare rooms can be turned into guest rooms in your house. Water and hot beverage arrangement(Tea, Coffee, Soup etc)  is a must! Provision of a personal hygiene kit in each room is a sure shot way to earn brownie points.

I would also suggest to put an Information Packet in each room containing the details – WiFi Password , TV settings, your personal mobile numbers, wedding location map and the like. Blow them away with your sophisticated 21st century hosting skills!

If you have more guests coming over, booking hotel rooms nearby would be judicious decision.

Outstation guests can be provided with rental cars. Also parking rules in your neighborhood must be made clear to all the local guests.

6. Music

What’s a Shaadi without Gaana-Bajana ? Make arrangements for a DJ and dance floor area. Pick music that you think will be most agreeable to the spirit of your party and your guests. Or go traditional, the beats of Dhol can lift up everyone’s mood in a jiffy!

Just remember all the above mentioned things and keep in mind basic hospitality etiquette. You are good to go!

To make your home wedding ready, just remember this Basic Rule:

Add small touches that let wedding guests at home know you care, while striking a balance between me and social time. Keep them well pleased and even if you miss a few arrangements here and there, you shall have the best wedding experience ever!

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