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Moving out Etiquettes

CONGRATULATIONS! You are moving out of your old house to a new place.  This could be because you found a better job, a better place to live in or because you are moving in with a partner. In other words, it’s a step towards a more desirable life!

Before you bid good-bye to your old house, it’s a good idea to give it something back.

  1. Do a basic clean-up

Ideally, one should get the house deep cleaned before moving out; people in the West do that because they are required to by the landlord. Even if you do not hire professionals, it’s a good idea to clean up before you leave.

  1. Make sure nothing is broken
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Items that are most commonly broken in houses are:

  • Plug points, switch boards, bulb sockets, tube light holders, fan regulators
  • Windows, door locks, door/window handles, door/window bolts
  • Cupboards, drawers, wooden shelves
  • Mirrors, showers, taps, knobs, towel rods
  1. Make sure the drains are in good condition

It’s not necessary that when you moved in this house, everything was in place. But you can try to leave as many things as possible in good condition. The main problem areas when it comes to drains are blocked drains and missing covers. Pay attention to:

  • Sink drains (kitchen drainage system)
  • Bathroom drains (shower, tub, wash basin, toilet)
  • Balcony drains

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Home Cleaning Services

  1. Toilet seat

The worst thing you could do to the new owners of your house is to leave the bathroom with a broken toilet seat or even worse WITHOUT a toilet seat. Remove stains  if possible.

  1. Leave some useful phone numbers

You have been living in this neighborhood for a while and must be aware of “where to call” in case one needs basic services like:

„Post-It“. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 2.5 über via Wikimedia Commons
„Post-It“. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 2.5 über via Wikimedia Commons
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Some maid or cleaner
  • Mineral water service
  • Nearest grocery store
  • Handyman to install the DTH, flat TV and water purifier.

You would do a huge favor to the new owners of your house by leaving behind these useful phone numbers.

  1. Dispose off the Garbage

After the overall cleanup, do dispose the garbage in the designated area and make sure the house is free of old cartons, papers etc.

  1. Make sure all bills have been cleared

It reflects poorly on you if the electricity company or deliverymen call with bills after you leave.

If you do all these things for them, it will be good karma which will definitely be reciprocated in one way or the other later on in life.

P.S. So, if you got a chance to move to a new house again and start afresh, what would you do differently while moving out this time around?

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