moving in guide: essential checklist

Pre-Moving in Checklist

Recently, I moved to a new city and a new flat. My new home is a semi furnished flat which has good interiors and a great location. The previous owners had left the flat in a huge mess but the broker assured us that everything worked ok so I and my roommate were not too worried. Now I have lived with family all my life so I thought that it would be smooth sailing all the way. I could have never imagined how wrong I was.

So, here’s what was wrong with the house:

  • Most of the switchboards were out of order.
  • The furniture (bed, cupboard, and chairs) was really dusty, or should I say filthy.
  • There was no place to hang anything in the bathroom. No rods, no hooks not even a nail to hang the towel on.
  • The geyser wasn’t working.
  • The bathroom tube light was out of order.
  • The house was an insect farm; mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches everywhere.
  • And, how can I forget, the mountain load of rat droppings in the bed boxes.

Eventually, we figured out everything but the terrible “moving in” experience inspired me to write this blog post. So here is what you need to keep in mind when moving into a new home.

STEP 1: DON’T move in immediately.

The battle has been won. Your new home has been finalized, formalities have been completed and everything seems good. Congratulations! But don’t get so excited.  Spend a couple of days on move-in preparations before shifting.

STEP 2: Take stock of what is not working and make a check list:

Here’s is one way you can organize your list

  • Check if the house walls need repainting.
  • Check all switches and outlets.
  • Check all lights, fans, bulbs, AC’s etc.
  • Check the taps, shower, flush, tub drainage, wash-basin and other critical things in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Check for moisture on the walls. This could indicate water leakage.
  • Check the locks and/or security system.
  • Make a list of all the things that require cleaning or repairing. Your list can look like this:


  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Sink and area under the sink
  • Cabinets and counters, their handles
  • Drawers
  • Doors and handles
  • Exhaust fan/ chimney
  • Ventilation fittings
  • Stove, gas, oven etc.


  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Wash basin and the area under it
  • Mirrors
  • Doors and handles
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Ventilation fittings
  • Drawers and closets


  • Floor and tiles
  • Walls
  • Furniture – chairs, bed, bed boxes, bedding, side tables etc.
  • Curtains and curtain rods
  • Doors, windows and handles
  • Cupboards, drawers and closets
  • Fan and lights

Living room:

  • Floor and tiles
  • Furniture – tables, chairs, sofas, curtain rods, side tables
  • Cupboards, drawers and closets
  • Fans and lights
  • Lamps, lamp shades, chandelier etc.


  • Floor and tiles
  • Balcony grills
  • Door and window panes
  • Fans and lights. In case there is no light in the balcony, get one installed. You would need it!

STEP 3: Check plumbing:

Your flat’s ex-owners might have spoilt a few things. Or, you might want to change some things. Get a plumber to check all taps and fittings.

STEP 4: Fixing the sockets. Call an electrician:

It’s important to ensure that all light fittings, fans and switchboards are working well. Sometimes switches or complete switchboards might not work because of a wiring problem. It makes sense to spend money on electrical repairs not only for convenience but also to ensure safety. Remember, electrical short circuits can cause fires.

STEP 5: Start cleaning the house

Once the water connection, sanitary and electrical fitting issues are resolved, you can peacefully start cleaning up the house. Do not start cleaning until all issues have been sorted out. In case you can’t clean up everything on your own, get help. It’s hard to do a thorough job; you might not have the time, energy or both. Pay your cleaning lady extra or hire professional cleaners to help you out.

 STEP 7: Get the door locks changed

For security reasons, I would advise you to get the main door/gate lock changed. Your flat’s ex-owners might have the key. Why take a chance?

STEP 8: Bring your stuff home

CONGRATULATIONS! Your house is now ready to become a home. It’s time to unpack and organize your stuff, decorate your interiors and throw that much awaited house warming party.

Hope these tips come in handy. In case you have anything to add do leave a comment and we will include it the nest time we update this post.

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