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How to Take Care of Dogs during Diwali

The festival of noise, I mean, lights, is almost here. We hear the slogan “Say no to crackers“, year after year, but still relish bombing the streets & creating beautifully carcinogenic displays of celebration and wealth.

Amongst the various Ds of Diwali (Decoration, Drama, Dance, Diyas, Dresses, Dearness), light must be put on Dog Care. Yes! your cute little ball of fur- your alarm clock in the morning, your rare “I am all ears” friend at noon, your fitness partner in the evening and your warm comforter in bed at night. No wonder they top the list of Stress-busters and henceforth we must take care of dogs during Diwali and make the day stress-free for them mutts.

Take Care of dogs during Diwali

Diwali can be a distressing time for the dogs due to the loud noise and flickering lights all around. It is a known fact that a dog’s hearing ability is 7 times that of humans. What we may find as a bit noisy is almost unbearable for them. While many organizations undertake campaigns to make Diwali merrier for animals, the onus is on us as individuals to be sensitive towards this issue and learn how to take care of dogs during Diwali.


A few points to be kept in mind for all the pet owners this Diwali:

  • Shut out the noise and the lights – Keep windows shut and curtains drawn to mask sounds and flashes from fireworks.
  • Buy ear muffs – Ear protection for dogs becomes unavoidable during Diwali. Buy them ear muffs if you can or else cover their ears with a soft cloth when the fireworks start causing a noisy nuisance.
Image credits: PublicDomainPictures
Image credits: PublicDomainPictures
  • First aid Prep – for burns must be kept handy. Also keep dog medicines for anxiety, just in case they might be needed.
  • Be vigilant! – Dogs react in two ways to stress, either they escape or they hide. Make sure there are no open windows or walkways for them to escape. Also, there is no need to force them out from under the sofa. Let them be!
  • Don’t keep crackers near your dog – Your pooch will most likely sniff or lick cracker materials which can then cause toxicity problems.
  • Do not rebuke your dog for being scared. Act normal so as to make calm them. Reward them for not acting fearful.
Image credits: Pixabay
Image credits: Pixabay
  • Keep away the sweets –  Keep the boxes of sugar loaded sweets from their reach. They are certainly not your dog’s hommies. Also keep the Puja materials, diyas and candles at bay.



Let’s not forget our strays, the self-proclaimed guards of our residential areas.

Street dogs are more susceptible to the harmful effects of Diwali. The day can be a living nightmare for them. Many of these dogs end up being wounded due to fire crackers or suffer from nervous attacks due to the mind boggling sound of crackers/ bombs.

Image credit: Sugandha Saigal

Little efforts of kindness do not harm anyone. Here is what you can and what you should do for the furry creatures who do not have the privilege of a home.

  • Provide them a safe and suitable shelter – Basement or parking space or your balcony works fine.
  • Keep a bowl of water and food – for these poor fellows where it can be easily reached by them.
  • Do not let anyone throw lit crackers at them – Yes, such maniacs exist. Keep an eye out for them.
  • Do help them with any kind of emergencies – Keep the phone numbers of local dog shelters and vets in handy.

Have a happy dog-friendly Diwali!


Dog Helpline Numbers (Delhi-NCR)

Friendicoes, Defence colony  – 011 24320707/ 011 24320303/ 011 24314787

PAWS (Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, South Delhi): Dr. R.T Sharma: 98100 36254; 011 2689 5737

Animal India Trust (Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi): Dr. Devi: 93138 84347, 98112 52592; 011-5566 9924

Sonadi Charitable Trust (Najafgarh): Mrs. Sen (C.R Park): 011- 26275216, 92121 31218;

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Raja Garden – 011 2544 8062

People for Animals -PFA Delhi Headquarters, Delhi: 011-2335 5883, 2335 7088, 2335 9241

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