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Wedding Preparations – The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Checklist

Wake up! September ended long ago, and so did October. Cannot believe it’s mid November already. Diwali hush rush has just started to wear down, and now begins the Great Indian Wedding Season. Oh yes! November is here and a few crore of us 1.25 billion are all set to get spliced. Here is an uncomplicated Pre-Wedding Checklist India edition to pore over if you are the one hosting a wedding this season.

So put on your Wedding Shoes(if you bought them, don’t forget to strike them off the pre-wedding checklist) and Get Going!

Step 1: Research until it hurts

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Image credits PDPpics via Pixabay

The more the research, the better the bargains. Ask your relatives/friends/extended family/neighbors who have just hosted a wedding about the venue, catering and other options. Well don’t just ask, you need to probe, explore, examine, scrutinize and assess all your alternatives. 

Step 2: Make a Guest List

Grab a pen and jot down all the names of Mama(s), Chacha(s), Tau(s) and their better halves and all youngsters. Add all your friends and friends of family and you don’t, just don’t forget your ‘lovely’ neighbors. As the date nears, you need to keep revising and re-revising it as per the RSVP responses. Also, maintain a separate notebook just for the wedding and keep it in one piece till the wedding ceremony.

Step 3: Venue

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You absolutely cannot afford to delay venue and related vendor booking as you my friend live in a country with the world’s second highest population. If you don’t book it now, a few thousand other would. Once you have decided on a location, pick up your phone and start dialing!

  •  Banquet managers
  •  Photographer and videographer
  •  Food caterer
  •  Décor supplier/Florist/Lighting vendor
  •  Ceremony music/DJ/Band

Step 4: Placing Orders

Pre-ordering of wedding rings, other jewelry and wedding invitation cards at least a month before is a must. Your thousands of mithai and dry fruit boxes won’t be delivered if you book them only a day before.

Image src: Flickr
Image credits: Parekh Cards via Flickr

Step 5: Home Arrangements

After all, GHAR ki shaadi hai! Hence, you would need to make certain arrangements at home to be the perfect wedding hosts. All guests will storm into your home a week or two before the wedding. What all needs to be arranged? Decorations, lighting, extra bedding, extra rooms, conveyance/transport, music, Mehendiwala,  and don’t forget food, lots of it (Only a few guests ‘grace the occasion with their divine presence’ for blessing the couple, everyone else is there for the free food. Getting your home cleaned is also very important. You can also consider hiring the experts,  Broomberg: Professional Home Cleaning Services to help you deep clean your home.

Step 6: Wedding Attire Shopping

Guys, get the bling on and be mentally prepared to do a tribute to magnificent Dulhe Raja. And if you’re the bride, start striking off your 100 page wedding clothes shopping list for post wedding honeymoon, dinners, lunches and other functions till the end of time. And needless to say, don’t forget to buy a trillion accessories and shoes to go with it.(Yes, we know you won’t). Other irrelevant family members like parents, grandparents and siblings can buy whatever suits them as that won’t really be noticed by anyone except those sly looking aunties who are not really invited.

Step 7: Gift Shopping

Plan and buy gifts for your own family, extended family and the in-laws. Pack them all and put name tags so as to avoid any confusion later on.

Step 8: Beauty Salon Appointment

Image source: Thinkstock
Image source: Thinkstock

Oh Yes! This is a major pre-wedding task that needs to be done.  Girls, schedule appointment with the hair-dresser and make up artist well in advance, also get a number of trials so as to avoid last minute tautness. Both the bride and groom-to-be absolutely need manicure, pedicure, massage and all other preening and prep!

Step 9: Plan honeymoon

Make a budget and decide where to go. No brainer, right? Not! You will be surprised by the hours, days and weeks a honeymoon plan can take from your schedule! Decide whether you want to use a travel agent or not, book air plane tickets and hotel rooms. Confirm everything and keep all documents and photocopied documents in a separate file.

You are now good to proceed with the wedding!

Trouble keeping track of all the details? Here is a a Pre-wedding Checklist that we have prepared for you in printable PDF form or if you are the B school types, as an excel spreadsheet.  

Download Now – Pre-Wedding Checklist [PDF]
                              – Pre-Wedding Checklist [MS Excel]

Here is to an organized and stress-free Ghar ki Shaadi. Cheers!


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